A public service announcements for those of us who do not bear Y chromosomes

Fucking shave. That means your mustache, your arms, your legs and your pussy. While of course whether or not you shave your pussy is something which all guys will wonder and very few will find out for sure, it will provide you with a much nicer form when you do get to that point; the rest is a vital necessity for public etiquette. It is fucking horrifying. It is a fucking insult to my visual cortex. Every day I am forced to look at potentially good looking but hairy women and I can feel my testicles form tiny nooses with my vas deferens so they can hang themselves in my scrotum.

I don’t neccessarily think women have to shave their arms, but damn - if you’ve got some manly hairy arms, fucking shave em. Hairy legs ain’t sexy, and for gods sake neither is female facial hair.

Keep it hairless :3

>.> cough

I don’t shave my arms. BUT: If I had hair there, I would.

I am single and thus only minimally picky.

You more squeamish guys can go be lonely in the corner.

I’ll give [STRIKE]my limbs to the gods[/STRIKE] as much as my arms and legs - damn, I sleep with my face on my arm and too much hair really tickles. I don’t have much facial hair to speak of thankfully.

But I may have a hair problem but nothing sharp is going anywhere close to my nether regions. Then again, neither is anybody.

And my X chromosome mops the floor with all your Y chromosomes.

Where are you Sin that has so many hairy women?

While I appreciate the shaved look, neatly groomed works for me too. The only time I’ll really get turned off is if it looks like the girl has a tribble in her panties.

Grah, I can’t believe you started a thread about that. :stuck_out_tongue: But on second thought, I’m not surprised at all.

And I do think it’s better to shave as well.

Fucking shave.

Or else we’ll send pictures of you showing your hairy armpits to www.grimmemennesker.dk.

Where I live girls take beauty as a point of honor. They shave in all that areas. Heck, we’re so famous for shavend girls that wax shaving is now being called brazillian shaving around the world. This method doesn’t leave any visible trace that there’s ever even been hair where it’s used.


waxing > Shaving.


Waxing produces nice results, but the problem with waxing is that for a given period of time you will look like and feel like a cactus before you need to get waxed again. Therefore to avoid such discomfort and visual atrocities, one must ultimatlely resort to shaving.

As for where I live, I lived in southern California for 7 years. There, I developed standards and expectations. Now I’m back in Canada and I’m reminded at how almost all Canadian women that I’ve met or seen actually do not take care of themselves. I look at different labs or in my classes and I see legions of pale skinned, dark haired monstrocities stock up for the winter. Even the actual blond ones can’t escape because sometimes its so THICK that it becomes very visually apparent. I do not want to be making out with a girl with more facial hair THAN ME.

So thats a big problem in Canada? Excessive female body hair?

Sounds like you need to move back to SoCal.

Read my post, you wrote that before I ended editing >_< the method of waxing they use here doesn’t make a woman a cactus. Also, Canada is related to France, and in France they LIKE women with hairy armpits. That’s the french for you.

No fucking shit I need to move back. And yeah its a fucking disaster here. Its a god damn epidemic. It is a plague!

Its worse than the bird flu.

I must agree with this, even though I’m not in any way even interested in finding out how much people shave themselves, it is still not very pretto when they don’t.
Heck, sometimes I see myself in the mirror stepping out of the shower and cringe. :stuck_out_tongue:

BAH! More Frida Kahlo for me


i, for one, think girls’ arm hair is adorable.

Jesus fucking christ, if you tied my hair like that and added ribbons on my head, I’d look like that.

The scary part is, when I first saw that I thought it was a photo of you that had been tampered with O_o