A pubic service announcement about people that make iron man posts

You all need to stop posting while I’m asleep, I miss all the fun. Anyhow, to further make fun of Jesus:

“Ever hear the term angry god? Just wait till you see me.” Now that would be a fitting caption.

shut up




Shoes rule. Boots especially.

Bootsssss drool _

That boot probably costs like 15 thousand dollars

Those are freaking ugly.

You’re messed in the head!

If they had only half of those buckles, and a more pronounced, sharp heel instead of a 9 foot platform on the bottom, I’d be diggin them. But as of now, naaaah.

The guys from KISS had those boots.

That’s a nice shoe accessory attached to those buckles.

Sharp heel? WTF? These are like, the boots of my dreams. Nul knows pennangalan. Lav. <3 If I had enough money 'd buy that shop empty.

Girls shouldn’t wear boots. They should just walk around barefoot.


Even though I’m against fashion and all that, I do think those look cool. Screw heels! Smart girls won’t want to ruin their backs just to look taller.

That’s not why people have heels. Heels accentuate certain things that you’re too young to know about, little Manus.

What’s that supposed to mean? O_o