A pubic service announcement about people that make iron man posts

Ok, when somone makes a post
and then somone makes a second post similar to the first post
It’s wonderful
But when somone makes a THIRD thread, similar to the first post
It’s horrible
Threads of three, let it be
Threads of two… are awsome.

The second thread is like making fun of the first post, and thats funny
but then a third thread is like making fun of the second post, and making fun of people isnt’ nice

Charle you fat lard come eat some dinner

edit: and dude, a pubic service announcement? are we all required to be fluffy or something?

he’s a wolverine, that man

oh shit

No, only guys with latent homosexual tendencies would dig chicks that are fluffy in their pubic region. You best shave yourself before you… GRAVE yourself!

fluffy has a nosebleed

he’s catwoman, that man

shut up everyone just shut up!

Thats it, keep going, just get it all out.

He’s wonderwoman, that man

he’s eva, that internet poster

How dare you! What nerve! I am not a he! I am woman! Now go buy me some new shoes, before I run you through!

haha, women, and shoes, that’s wacky

Now excuse me while i buy power tools and supercharge my lawn mower. oh oh oho hoh

Just because I’m stereo typical doesn’t give you the right to mock my clothing fetish!

I hope that wasn’t directed at me young Pierson

Since we are doing public service announcements, here’s an oldie, but a goody.

Get a job

those people are such fruits eh

I have a job. I post here to get away from it.

I chalange you to mortal kombat

I chalange you to mortal kombat