A Perfect Circle

What can I say? They kick fucking ass.

They take absolutely everything they do to a new level. They don’t make one good song and 14 shitty filler tracks like most typical bands do. Everything they make is beautiful and spiritually perfect.

I can’t believe how just completely KILLER they are. You all must buy Mer de Noms. I command you all to do it, fucking pronto.

Dont make me download more.

A Perfect Circle has James Iha, and for that reason (and that reason alone), they kick ass.

Tool is better though.

So I take it you liked the ones I sent?! :smiley: :smiley:

And why did you run away from me on MSN? I am hurt profoundly.

Whoa now Hiryuu, I think you need to fucking SHUT YOUR MOUTH pronto :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re coming up with a new album that features several really cool cover and original tracks called “eMotive” set to come out this election. He has a couple of videos out for it already:



Aaaand an interview of Maynard: http://boss.streamos.com/real/virg001/a_perfect_circle/video/emotive/imagine_interview_excerpt_hi.ram?siteid=artistsite

If you enjoy A Perfect Circle, you MIGHT want to check out Tool (same vocalist, although they are a much more aggressive band) although I’m not sure if most of their stuff will be to your liking. I’m pretty sure that you’d like much of what is on their last album, especially since you seem to enjoy progressive rock quite a bit. I suggest getting the songs “Parabol” and “Parabola” (listen to them in order) and “Lateralus.”

I’m glad that you love APC, because if you didn’t, there would be something seriously wrong with you (I’m sure you agree).

no thanks… i’m not into tool or apc… if I want progressive I’ll listen to Suncaged or Xystus or somethin else… and I totally don’t dig James maynard keenan or wtf his name is… The only good thing he ever did was his collaboration with deftones…

edit almost forgot I saw both bands live… they’re allright except for that fucking singer… god I hate that guy… I’d rather listen to avril lavigne then him

=O blasphemy! i say we have a lynchin party. right now.

lynches Rommiel Done.

deftones is real good…mostly white pony tho i didnt like their newest cd at all…
apc is pretty good but im to lazy to listen to new stuff…and i dont think ive ever lisnted to tool…but i like NiN alot

this is what we in the industry call a “real band”. apc still arent very good though.

I’m gonna throw some props to Perfect Circle, for what they do with the musical theory behind their stuff. Not many bands can put together stuff that is that dynamic and creative.

Meanwhile, I am also gonna say that as skilled as apc is, I still don’t like them a whole lot. I don’t know, there is just sometihng missing from them in terms of fun and interest from my point of view. Its like minimalist art (not in terms of skill, but as to how well they get my attention) sure its spiffy, but I’m not gonna hang around and pay too much attention.

You want to talk about an awsome band, lets talk about: Cracker (not Uncle Cracker)

I make a thread on APC, and people bash them, meanwhile praising shit like deftones?

I am going to go hang myself now.

=O blasphemy! i say we have a lynchin party. right now.
Except this. This I agree with. Damage’s comments came straight from a perpetual pigshit machine. No offense intended. Fucker. >>;

I’m glad that you love APC, because if you didn’t, there would be something seriously wrong with you (I’m sure you agree).
And this. I would like to strongly emphasize this in light of everyone else’s comments.

Hades and I agree about something about music… this is the tenth sign of the apocalypse!

not who i wanted to hang but…oh well it will have to do

woah woah woah lets stop for just a minute…i said i liked deftones…i wasnt prasing them…and i also so i like apc…but as i said im too lazy to listen to new stuff…

A Perfect Circle are pretty good. I like their weird cover “Diary of a Lovesong” or whatever. It’s like mixing two songs.

you people are like praising this band like theyre something special because they put out an album of mostly good songs and that they use “musical theory”, and acting like theyre the only band in the world to do so.

No we’re not. We’re praising them because they simply tickle our ears.

Are nice, but not among my favourites.

Yeah, I like A Perfect Circle. One of my favorite bands. A very meaningful and lax type of music. Almost like stoner music, except with actual meaning.