A lull, and then...POW!

I just realized how insane Q4 2006 is going to be on the RPG front (in the US at least). According to RPGamer:

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus: August 22, 2006
Final Fantasy XII: October 2006
Tales of the Abyss: Fall 2006
Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria: September 2006
Xenosaga Episode III: Q4 2006

Even if a few of them are delayed… YOWZA.

Better start saving now :moogle:

This fall is just madness. VP: Silmeria, Tales of the Abyss and Super Robot Wars Original Generation all coming out real close together making me want to play games, all while The King of Braves, Tekkaman Blade, and Macross are due out making me want to buy anime. Absolute madness and impossible to afford.

Q4 is fucking crazy. There’s at least 9 different titles I want that hit then.

Don’t forget the PS3 and Wii are launched.

You forgot Disgaea 2. There’s also //G.U. Resurrection for the two or three of us who care. I’m pretty happy about ToA, since I haven’t found Eternia and lack a Gamecube, it’s been a long while since I’ve played a Tales game.

Anyhow, that’s really gonna fuck up my Finals :smiley:

And don’t forget Twilight Princess and Smash Bros. Brawl.

Yeah, that’s gonna be an awesome RPG.

Solid Snake pre-emptive strike.ß

Doesn’t matter that it’s not an RPG, you’re still buying it because it compels you. And Super Paper Mario too.

I better save and there are games that are already out that I want to get.

Err, SSBB isn’t scheduled for Q4 2006. It’s not a launch title.

Yeah SSBB isnt supposed to be released till Q1 2007

looks at release date list for Europe

… you guys suck ;_;

More like you suck for living in an inferior place to get videogames.

Touché. Though we do get most of the games, eventually, nowadays. Back in the early to mid nineties it was almost impossible to get a game released here if it wasn’t part of a popular series. -_-

Aren’t FFIII, V and VI supposed to be released in 2006 too? The remakes that is.

Uh, I believe it’s only FFIII. FFVII for PS3, however.

Square has never said that FF7 is being remade for PS3. There are lots of Internet rumors, but Square has repeatedly denied that it’s under development.

I wont be able to get anything good for 4 years until it gets in the bargain bins. I’m going to have to pay for high school tuiton out of my ass.