A lull, and then...POW!

FF7 tech demo? :S

Was a tech demo, not an announcement of an impending game release. Square has DENIED that it’s working on a remake.

High school tuition? Move to Canada, where it’s free.

PSU! (maybe >.>)

St. Joes Coligate Institute. Basically one of the few all boys schools in the nation.
Also one of the top highschools in the nation. If it were just a district thing, then it would be free.

And let us pray (or whatever) that they don’t remake FFVII and instead go for a new game.

I dunno, depends on a) how good the remake actually is, and b) how many resources they actually have to spend on it. I don’t think a remake will by definition be a bad thing.

Public high school is always free (at least in industrial nations usually). Parochial and private schools aren’t.

im pretty sure V AND VI are coming out on GBA or does setz mean there not coming out in 2006

Yeah, does anyone know that offhand?

And Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner this fall too!

They are coming out for GBA, but there is no official release date yet. There is a possiblity they might be out in time for the holidays, but chances are it’ll be next year.

Yeah, they also constantly denied making any sort of FFVII sequel, and there ended up being no less than what, 5?

They’ve driven that game into the ground so bad, It wouldnt surprise me in the least if they do remake it for the PS3- 10 year anniversary and all that.

It wouldn’t surprise me either, but at the moment the project is not being worked on. Whether it will or won’t in the future is a moot point.

They’re probably doing it right now. That “Tech Demo” is probably the opening to the remake. But of course they wont tell us that… :wink:

There was an FF8 tech demo for the PS2, too. That was never remade.

Oh yeah, I remember that.

just one thing tho- It’s not FFVII. Plus, it’s the least popular FF.

Definitely not the least popular FF - just look for all the Squall fanboys out there. And when the PS2 was being touted, it was, contrarily, the second-most-popular FF of all time, since FFX hadn’t been released yet.

The least popular probably is FF3.

Why, because right now it’s only been fan translated?
But it was translated in the days of “NEW SQUARE GAME TRANSLATION! OMFG! MUST PLAY NOW!!!”
FFMQ was probably still less popular, though (I’m in the minority who liked it).