A lousy excuse from Square.

got this from gamespot.com

On the possibility of a Final Fantasy VII-2, Nomura (Square) said that the chances of it happening are unrealistic. Nomura explained that Final Fantasy X-2 was able to be released since it utilized the Final Fantasy X engine, allowing production of the game in one year at only half the usual development scale of a Final Fantasy title. However, to make Final Fantasy VII-2, everything would most likely have to be created again from scratch since the data from the original Final Fantasy VII cannot be used. Thus, producing a Final Fantasy VII-2 would require the development scale of a normal Final Fantasy title.

Poor excuse for pushing away the idea of FFVII-2, dont you think? I mean, FFVII-2 will obviously sell more than any new final fantasy title. and i think people are getting sick of ‘newer’ final fantasies. and another thing is… the FF series has been on the downslide starting from ff9… ffx sold a bit…only because it had fancy graphics…

They’re making FF7 Advent Children you idiot.

And that’s no poor excuse. FFX-2, they CAN use the FFX Engine easily with a few tweaks. However, the FFVII engine is outdated and would have to be completely redone, which is about half the work in a frikkin game.

Not really, they make a valid point. I think they should just leave FF7 as is anyways, because nothing really makes an impact in that game anymore, since Sephiroth and Cloud show up in the movie (? If that’s what it is).

It would take time to recreate a game and since we’re getting a movie we don’t really have a place to demand a second game. If that happens, people would want sequels to other FF games which would be ridiculous.

Well, either way… theyre gonna start from scratch for ffXII or FFXIII… why dont they spend all that making an FFVII-2?

Because it’s a sequel, and FF12-13 haven’t been released and played yet whereas FF7 has. Plus they’d have to try to top FF7 in gameplay which is fairly pointless since FF7-AC is coming out…they don’t really need to make a game.

Err, Seph… if you’re not a FFX fan, why are you using the Tidus artwork from OPM way back before the game was released?


gak noooo!!!

i thought he was some anime dude… oh great…why TIDUS of all people??? :frowning:

Hmm… may be i ll wait till FFAC comes out and then i’ll rant about anything i find stupid there… till then… i think i ll keep my mouth shut and go to sleep…:boring:

please forget this thread…

If you ask me, I think that they should remake FF7 like they are doing to Metal Gear Solid so that the graphics are really good, some, (for once), decent and well timed voice acting, and a generally more cinematic feel to the game. That would be great.

^ Seconded. Why Square aren’t considering it (or maybe they are, finger crossed…) is beyond me, the Ressi Evil remakes did OK and Twin Snakes is looking absolutely phoenomenal. If Crystal Chronicles does well on the GCN, it’ll leave a whole new generation of FF fans gagging for more, and as FFVII is (I think I’m right in saying this) the best-selling FF of all time, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what comes next.

They should stop with the sequels altogether. FF is the series of sequels that aren’t sequels. Leave it at that, and start coming up with something new.

Althoguh FF7, was probably the highest selling FF game ever, they should leave the GAME dead (but still continue the MOVIE). And like DP said it is the series of sequels that aren’t sequels.

Besides I want to see what 11, 12 & 13 look like, since I already know what 7 looks like, it would not be as interesting.

I’d prefer a new game to FFVII-2. Personally, I wasn’t all that thrilled with FFVII, so I might be a bit biased, but I like the idea that each FF is new over a sequel.

Hmm, if they make it, i’ll probably like it, no matter what it is. Unless it’s stupid. But then, some stupid things are okay too, like, this girl i used to work with… err, nevermind, she was knocked up by her brother in law… okay, i guess stupid things are well, stupid.

Hmm. I would buy a FFVII-2 of course I’d buy a FF-12 as well so that don’t matter. However I think a storyline where the main characters of the first game would have to be backstaged by a new group of heroes but make presences or have it be their children for it to be a decent game. I’ve just got to admit it. Another 50 hours of Cloud would be a little much.

Originally posted by Born_Loser
Hmm, if they make it, i’ll probably like it, no matter what it is. Unless it’s stupid. But then, some stupid things are okay too, like, this girl i used to work with… err, nevermind, she was knocked up by her brother in law… okay, i guess stupid things are well, stupid.
There are so many things wrong there, I don’t know where to begin.

How about starting with the it would have to be new main characters.

I think a sequel to FFVII wouldnt accomplish much… Yeah, it’ll be a must-buy for die-hard FFVII fans, but it’ll give the impression that Squaresoft-enix is running out of ideas, and is having to resort to past glories just to keep its audience interested in the series.

Saying that, I’ld probably still buy it, because I loved FFVII anyway.

In my opinion, if the FFVII movie does REALLY well, a game followup wouldn’t be that unlikely. After all, nearly every blasted movie that does well (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Spiderman, etc.) gets a video game version. And if FFX2 also does well, that’ll even more motivation.

At the very least, the sales of FFVII (which is STILL being sold these days) would increase.

FFx2 looks great !

Wilfredo, FF7AC isn’t being released in theatres. It’s DVD only. And we’re not even sure it’ll come out in the US.