A continuation of the old FFXI thread.

I notice it got deleted, but i’m here to say that I now have FFXI and broadband (Not to mention i’m back from Iraq, thank God), and you guys said you’d hook me up with a worldpass. I haven’t actually logged onto the game yet, I just got my account registered and stuff so far. I’m about to go ahead and start playing, so let me know what to do as far as getting to the same server.

Welcome back, and congratulations on not getting a sploded.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any peticular question you have about the game? Because if not, this is just another waste of thread space.

You see, there’s only one issue with this; -you- are a waste of thread space. I was told to let people know when I got online with this so they could get me a worldpass, like I said in the original post. I’m following the instructions so that they can get it for me.

Sorry, but certain people (like me) didn’t know about what you were asked to do on your other thread, considering that it was deleted.

It’s all good, no hard feelings on this side. Speaking of the reason for this topic, it’s come to my attention that I have to start a new character to move on over to Phoenix, so it’d be nice if one of the people who said they’d hook me up would post so I can start playing. I got to level four with a RDM when I found that out and I don’t want to invest any more time into that character if I have to start a new one to play with everyone. At least I learned the basics though.

Edit- Alright, check it. I really want to play, so i’m going to go ahead and do just that. I’m on the Sylph server if anyone else happens to be and would like to play.

I can get you a gold worldpass for the Fairy server. You get a cute little Mandy hat.

But seriously, you don’t want to be on Fairy. Not only are people dicks and prices high, but people will make fun of your sexuality when you tell them the name of your server is Fairy. Especially if you’re an Elvaan.

I am a self-proclaimed RDM (level 75 FTW) know-it-all however, so I can still give you pointers. Before lvl 40 (and after) you’re main job will be to use enfeebling spells such as slow and paralyze on mobs. Best subjob for RDM is BLM, and WHM is also good, so level both. RDMs have the best enfeebling and enhancing magic skill. My best advice is to try to make it past level 40, and then you will be the most desired member of a party aside from Bard. Also, when you get the spell Refresh, its time to stop meleeing and act like all the other mages by standing in the back row. RDM is a very hard job, but unlike a lot of other jobs in XI, it never gets boring, as you almost never stop casting and will be casting ten million different spells at once. Also what is pretty cool is that you can fight lots of tough monsters solo, as RDM gets a lot of spells that make them almost invincible. RDM is not a damage dealer though, so don’t pretend you are, and don’t feel bad if your sword never hits and your nukes do crappy damage.

Heh, I appreciate the info, but i’ve actually gotten a worldpass for Phoenix and started a Galka MNK who will eventually be a DRG/WAR. Thanks though:P

The thread wasn’t deleted (at least not manually). It might be more than a year old in which case it probably dropped off the end.

Quina, it’s not your business whether or not people make threads which are “wastes of space”. If a thread deserves to be closed, that’s the moderator’s job. If you want to bring it to a moderator’s attention, fine, but don’t go around insulting someone just because you personally aren’t interested in what he has to say.

Galkas make good MNKs. MNKs are totally uber, and they’re the easier job in the game. But I warn you, MNK can get boring. You basically select “attack” then sit there until the mob dies. I know plenty of ppl who enjoy it, but if it were me, I would go insane from boredom. But, MNKs are still one of the best jobs in the game, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort into it either.

As for DRG, don’t. In XI, you seriously don’t want to be a goon. Even though in an update where they made it slightly less gimped, it’s still the worst job in the game. It’s meant to be a damage dealer, but compared to WAR, MNK, and BLM, its pretty pitiful.

DRG is boring. Basicaly all you do is jump and skillchain. Sure, Kain was cool in FF4, but it was less boring as you had four other characters in your PT. Now all you do is jump and skillchain. You have a wyvern, but you don’t control what he does. (You’re sub determines what kind of techniques he does, DRG\WHM is popular as the Wyvern will heal PT members, but its still random).

Also, worst thing about DRG is people will avoid you like the plauge. Prepare to be looking for a party for hours, days and even weeks at a time.

Just because a job was cool in the old FF games doesn’t mean it’s good in XI. DRG and SMN used to be insanely cool in older FFs, but in XI they’re pretty gimped. On the other hand, jobs like BRD and RDM used to totally suck but are now awesome. (While DRGs will wait days for an invite, a BRD can get an invite literally 30 seconds after he turns his PT flag on) NIN is still very cool, though, if you can afford it.

Sorry about that, I guess I just saw so many other threads asking questions everyone should know the answers to, that I accidently bit the bullet like you did with Square Enix and their refusal to announce a North American release date for Advent Children. It won’t happen again.

Mine wasn’t accidental. O_o And there’s a difference between watching a movie and telling someone off. I completely fail to see the comparison, in fact.

Well, I do recall you stating on the second post of the thread that you would not talk about Advent Children until it was released in North America. For someone who claims to always be honest, you technically weren’t honest about that. If you change you mind a lot, you could at least say on your website that you make exceptions for games/movies that are released in Japan and aren’t announced for a release in North America. You made a little mistake, just like I made a mistake. That’s the comparasion. Whether or not you agree with me is your decision, this is just my opinion.

Changing one’s mind is not the same as making a mistake. The situation changed, so my actions changed to reflect it. I don’t regret what I said then, nor do I regret what I’m saying now.

None of this has anything at all to do with your own behavior, and making superfluous comparisons like that just serves to further your own delusions of justification.

Quina, just stop man. Cid knows what he’s talking about:P

Eitheta, I appreciate the advice, but I really want to try it. I’ve heard otherwise from people in my ls and such, and i’m going to give it a try. I really wanted to make a RDM back in the day, and I might make a second character if I get bored or whatever with this one since I don’t want a galka RDM, but realistically, I lack the time to play THIS character much, although I do try.

That is just your opinion. I will not reiterate mine. And last I checked, the 1st amendment gives me the right to state my own opinion.

Play a hume, problem solved.

Quina, this is the internet, you have no rights.

Here we go again

Yeah, i’m thinking that now that i’ve spent some time learning the ropes of early on gameplay, getting someone (EZ) to hold onto my items and making a new character, hume naturally, and make him a RDM for now. I’ll do it after I get back from leave if I do, and that’ll be towards the end of the month.