8-BITCH FIVE: Evil On The Attack

From the people that gave us Arfenhouse.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. :mwahaha:

Wow, look at all the inside jokes.

That was animated pretty well.

Kind of sucked. But its better than most of the “comedy” shit on NG.

Jesus, finish AH3 already. D:

My ears!

too stupid to not be funny

What was the point of that?

[rabidfanboy]The Slime is not fucking cuter than the Chocobo![/rabidfanboy]

It was funny, but it fucked up my speakers.

That made my brain hurt.

The point, in case you didn’t read that “summary” thing, was this:

Once upon a time there was a guy who had a great idea. Then a bunch of people copied it. The tale is told again and again and again to the point that originality holds little sway over the masses as they all want to see their favorite characters kill each other for no reason. It doesn’t matter if the result is good or bad–it’s got character inserts so it’s got to be good by default, right? You don’t even need voiceactors who know their lines, and the microphones can be stolen from the McDonald’s drivethrough guy, and all of the graphics can just be copied and pasted from some sprite website within a few minutes, and the script can be either stolen from something else you liked or just the Simpsons–it’s still good!!! RIGHT??? HERE, HAVE A FREE HEADACHE!

Don’ forget the promo.

Wow, that blew.

I mildly chuckled, but nothing compared to Arfenhouse.

sings nothing compares, nothing compares to [STRIKE]you[/STRIKE] Arfenhouse

It was funny for what it was worth, but I think they were being a bit too hard on TLF. Rip-off implies someone taking someone elses work and presenting it as their own, yet TLF says several times in his movies and in his summaries just where this comes from, as if no one would know anyway.

Granted there ARE bad 8-bit knockoffs out there that this flash was making fun of too, but the focus seemed to be on TLF’s recent work, and it was just plain overkill.

I concur that they should hurry up with Arfenhouse 3, and spend less time on their vendetta against people who use the ideas of someone else. If someone stole shit from their own series, then they’d have a right to complain. But leave the 8-bit knockoffs to Clevinger.

I must ask, what is TLF?

SB: I think it was more of a rip on how TLF steals jokes from the Simpsons. Did you see the preview shot for 8-Bitch 6 in the credits?

The Legendary Frog, I assume. Fairly well-known flash-maker. Uses references from other shows.

Ah, now that sounds familiar. Yeah, I know who legendary frog is completely, just never heard them referenced as TLF before. Silly me.

TLF isn’t the Legendary frog, he’s someone else