8-BITCH FIVE: Evil On The Attack

That was… disturbing, to say the least. To say the most, it was hilarious.

NOW I can see why it warranted mockery. Seemed odd that Frog would be attacked, but that seems more on the money.

ok…that was definatly not the best I’ve seen.

Yes, by TLF I meant the creator of the 8-bit Theatre flashes, not Legendary Frog, though I did notice that riff on him near the end too. (not entirely unwarrented either, but thats another thing entirely)

While there is some room for criticsim for TLF’s work, I just think that DL and Misteroo’s attempt here was just plain overkill. Their bit at the start of Arfenhouse 2 was funny, but this is too much. And I’m sure Clevinger doesn’t need someone else to be police for hacks of his work, though I don’t want to speak for him (like these guys are doing). Heck, I think I remember him once endorsing TLF’s work, though I could be mistaken. He certainly endorsed Mortis, who was the original founder of the craze of ‘having your favorite characters beat each other up with no pretext at all’ flashes, Fighter vs Black Mage, FF1 vs AYB, FF1 vs FF7, etc etc.

But like I said, the movie WAS funny for what it was worth, as nigh-seizure causing as it was.