5000 Posts.. Question Thread?

Or something newer and shinier?

Edit 1: Five questions sounds good. How about five questions for five pages? :o or maybe just five questions.

Edit 2: Wow these are good questions, I have to fight the urge to reply sooner :smiley:

I say Question Thread. In which case, I ask:

What’s your dream girl like? What characteristics do you think would be most important in her? physical, emotional, political, etc.

God. 5000 posts is for lame-os. Come back when you have 10,000. Or at least 6000. nub.


  1. What old RPGCer that hasn’t been around in like 50 years do you want back?
  2. Still at Columbus State?
  3. Favorite wine? If you hate wine, then the wine you dislike the least.
  4. How 'bout them Dawgs?
  5. Why did you defriend me on Facebook? :frowning:

A screw it, I’ll divide your posts by 1000:

  1. Do you still do drugs or did you conclude those experiments already?
  2. What is your current favourite hip hop artist?
  3. You said you wanted to teach numerous times: what level do you want to teach(elementary, high school, post-secondary…etc) and what subject do you plan on focusing on?
  4. How is your novel going?
  5. Fifth question goes here.

I’m not going to ask five questions, or otherwise you’d be here all day trying to answer them.

Unless you want to be asked five questions?

I’d vote for “something new” but since this is probably going to end as a Question Thread anyway:

Would you say your life is better now than when you first joined RPGC?

what are your best and worst memories?

1: Why the name “Sorcerer”?
2: Do you like me more than when you first met me? :smiley:
3: Whose posts at RPGC do you enjoy the most? Who gets you excited when you see they responded to a thread?
4: What do you get at Starbucks? :open_mouth:
5: Maximus vs King Leonidas: Who would win?

Damnit, I wish I had thought of those questions :stuck_out_tongue:

1: What do you want to be asked when you have 6000 posts?
2: You’re exiled to a desert island. You can take an 800-page anthology of poetry or an mp3 player with unlimited batteries and <i>only</i> classical music. Which one?
3: Support or oppose capital punishment?
4: Nobuo Uematsu or Yasunori Mitsuda?
5: Better to take Nyquil in the morning or Dayquil at night?

I don’t think Sorc has an opinion on this, so I’m just gonna say, I think Uematsu has produced more consistently at a high level than Mitsuda, but if you pooled all their compositions together, Mitsuda would have most of the best tracks in that list. However, although Mitsuda’s good tracks are great, his bad tracks are fucking awful. (Case in ponit: “Gale”)


Was it really the choice of Palin for VP that made you decide against McCain?
What else was there?
D’you know much about the economic crisis?
Do you care about it beyond “Man someone better fix this or we’re all fucked”?
Did you think the last questions sounded accusatory in tone? I thought it kinda did, and I didn’t mean it to. :confused:

How do you spend your free time?
How would you like to spend your free time (if not the same as above why is there a difference)?
What kept you posting 6+ years?
What do you value in life?

Answer your answer to that question.

Well, I got tired of not posting soooo…

My dream girl is one who is beautiful but intelligent. More so intelligent, honestly - I know lots of pretty girls and can only mildly tolerate their stupidity. Good characteristics are an aloof sense of both herself and the world around her, honesty, kindness and thoughtfulness.

  1. Easy - Mazrim Taim. He’s so smart and silly.
  2. No, I guess I’m a drop out. I have returned to Atlanta to work my way into responsibility. And I’m not too fond of Columbus as a town.
  3. I’ve developed a taste for Reds these days, I used to like whites but now their too fruity. I like Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, but I cant really list any specific brands.
  4. I dunno man, they need to step it up today against Tennessee because that outing against Bama was embarassing. Bama’s a great team, but to get shut out but 31 points in the first half shouldn’t happen.
  5. I didn’t know I did! My bad man, I deleted everybody from Columbus, I might have accidentally lumped you in there. I don’t remember your last name though :o
  1. Yeah, I still smoke the reefer, cigarettes and drink too much. The experiments, however, are concluded. I tried everything short of Heroin, Crack and Meth and have had my fill. I might roll on exstacy sometime but beyond that I can’t forsee myself doing any other hard, non-recreational drugs.
  2. Definitely. T.I. His lawyer comes into the Starbucks I work at and we chit chat. I might be more because we’re from Atlanta, but I love his style and his flow is pretty sick.
  3. Yes, teaching is my calling. That’s how it’s always felt to me and everybody has always said I’d make a good teacher. I’ve planned it out to start in Middle/Jr High School and when I get a little older I’m going to move on to High School. I may one day venture into College but… thats neither here nor there.
  4. Ah, the novel. The novel comes and goes and has done so in a variety of forms. I have a lot of ideas but I’m not really sure where to start my writing career. I had several pages down and intended to put up for people to read (I did a lot of work prior to that - character dichotomies, plot lines, flow charts… the works) but my computer died and my work was lost. I haven’t gotten back on the novel ball as of yet (that was a year or two ago) but I continue to write.

I think this is a pretty silly question considering I was like, 12 years old when I first logged onto RPGClassics. My father was alive and I was in middle school; now I’m a college drop out who smokes too many cigarettes. I think it’s about even.

Best memory is the night I sat out by a river and talked to my a girlfriend of mine until the sun came up. Worst memory is easily the night that my dad was dieing in the hospital; we were sitting around the room not doing much and my dad was asleep. He suddenly freaks out, wakes up and starts waving his hands at one corner of the room - shaking his head, pleading with something it seems. He eventually calms down, nods a few times and seems to understand then falls back asleep. It was the closest I’ve ever come to believing in angels and god and all that because the experience can only be described as a visit from the angel of death.

  1. Well, the name comes from a game I played in elementary school where you could create a fantasy story both visually (using sprites and pre-rendered backgrounds) and with prose (in a word box beneath the scene you created). My favorite sprite was the Sorcerer.
  2. I think that’s apparent to anyone whose been here long enough to remember the pages of battles we typed out at each other. These days we don’t really cross paths or swords too often - I figure it took adolescence to teach us that we are not very much alike. However, yes, I do like you a lot more now (probably because I was a pretty angry person in my younger days and I took it out on anybody I could). Right backatcha though - Like me more than when I used to jump down your throat every six seconds?
  3. Sephiroth Katana and Cless Alevin. Cless, definitly, hes hella funny these days.
  4. Funny you ask, I work there. Since I work there, unlike most, I don’t have a specific drink I get all the time. I tend to land on an Iced Triple Grande Nonfat White Mocha (for coffee), or perhaps a blended lemonade.
  5. Leonidas ftw.
  1. More questions than this, thats for sure.
  2. I’d take the mp3 player, if I’m on an island the book seems more susceptible to the elements. Plus, I love music and am rather picky towards poetry.
  3. Support. Given the current state of Capital Punishment I think it’s unlikely an innocent person will be sentenced to death. Furthermore, the death penalty is reserved for the most vile of crimes so it seems to me that the punishment fits the crime. I do believe it should be reserved for multiple homicides and not be expanded to any crimes beyond Homicide.
  4. Hades is correct, I know not the difference between the two nor specific bodies of work. In general I can care less about video game music unless it blows in which case it kills the game.
  5. Depends on how sick you are by Nyquil always unless I have to do something.
  1. Yes, but I wasn’t going to vote for him before her anyway. I had decided to read a few of his books and give him a fair shake, but I plain and simple don’t like her. I furthermore detest the testament that this woman has a shot at the presidency. If McCain seems sure to die, why vote for him at all? Next, the only reason I would vote for McCain (and I made this decision before the Surge in Iraq proved so successful) was that I believe McCain can win the war and find Osama Bin Laden. Fact is, the surge was so successful that I don’t think we need McCain to win the war for us and it seems that Bin Laden is in Pakistan and it almost seems like we know this, so finding him isn’t an issue it seems (I could be wrong). After reading his book “Faith in our Fathers” I came to understand his attitude and detest it. The long history of military excellence that runs in his family seems to shape his attitude towards his role in the presidency almost as… predetermined. The tone of the book struck me as him believing that it’s his destiny to be President. I don’t believe that. Lastly, I believe the United States to be heading in the wrong direction. I dont think republicans have any fucking clue how to run our economy, especially when we’ve racked up a 5 trillion debt because of a war that was injust (and that the administration lied to the people about time and time again). The fact that the republicans won’t even acknowledge that the clear source of our current economic dismay is that injust war in Iraq just tells me that they are still looking out for each other and not the middle class.

  2. I think I know about as much as the next guy about this economic crisis. To be honest It’s hard to gauge the effect of this collapse around where I live, so it hasn’t hit me yet how bad it really is. But yes, I feel sufficiently informed.

  3. Yeah, I care about it! I think everybody does. Everything from the possibility of losing your home to your bank closing and you losing your entire life savings or your 401k or whatever makes me worry. My chosen profession is not one that will make me a rich man and the thought of my mom having to work until she’s 80 is very uncomfortable.

  4. Accusatory to who? I didn’t feel it as such towards myself.

  1. I spend my free time usually having as much fun as possible and doing anything I feel is worth doing.
  2. Hmm, I am in real need of a woman, so that is precisely what I would rather be doing with my spare time.
  3. I’ve actually been posting for 9+years. But the things that kept me coming back after, say 5 years, was the fact that I was still playing the games that the site covers. As the site has become less and less up-to-date (or with fewer RPGs coming out, whatever) it’s definitely the people. There are a lot of people here who, like Gila Monster (whose questions seemed to be the most about “me”), who clearly know a great deal about me, my aspirations and the things I do in life. Its those relationships that keep me coming back.
  4. I value people. I’ve lost people and have discovered the impact that people can have on each other (specifically, the impact I’ve had on others). As such I believe that people are a valuable commodity and should be cherished.

Feel free to keep asking questions, I just got tired of not being able to post.

Fine. Refriended.

Asshole. >:|

Here are some character-defining questions I thought up

  • So imagine the hottest, and I mean absolute hottest girl you know. Let’s pretend that you guys were gonna have a one night stand, but the only catch was that you had to have a huge dildo shoved in your ass the whole time. Do you do her, or do you break out of that situation?

  • Let’s imagine this new product, let’s call it “Lickin’ Stix.” It’s kind of like those old candies where you had the candy stick that came with the flavored powder, and you put the powder on the stick and licked it off. Imagine that, but much larger, and phallus-shaped. Would you agree to do a commercial for Lickin’ Stix - which involved you using the product (i.e placing it in your mouth and licking/sucking powder off the end) while talking about how delicious it was - if you were offered several million dollars?

  • Let’s pretend your calling wasn’t necessarily teaching, but some sort of performing art…let’s say, playing the trumpet. A stupidly, stupidly rich person offers to pay you unimaginable amounts of money to play trumpet for him. However, the catch is that you only play in his house, in the bathroom, while he is urinating or defecating. The job will only be offered once, so you have to take it right now, or never. Do you?

And some anecdotal questions:

  • What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever done to a person(s) that you can still look back and go “Man, that was really fucked up…but it was pretty funny”? You can list multiple ones of varying degrees of fucktupness, if you’d like.

  • Tell me some event that happened in your life that no one knows about, but you aren’t embarrassed to tell? This can be anything from something that happened when no one was around, to some sort of stick situation you got yourself into that you managed to hide from other people.

  1. Is this her stipulation? Regardless I would back out. Sorry, but thats an exit. I know plenty of mega hotties who would not require such lunacy.4.One

  2. In most cases I’m very strict when it comes to violating my convictions. I feel very strongly about purposefully making myself look stupid (to go off on a tangent here, I think this is an uncommon trait in that there are a lot of people who simply don’t think and don’t turn out any better as a result). There’s a time and a place to be goofy and you’ll know it when you see it. To answer the question, yes, I would. It’s candy (and the original is sort of phallus shaped too, so whats the difference), isn’t advertised as “dick-a-riffic” or anything so it’s not intended to make me, as the actor, look homo. It is inevitable to be construid as such but then again they won’t have several million dollars in their pocket.

  3. This question is why I started my previous answer the way I did. I’m not gonna stand there and do anything while someones answering the call for anything short of being paid in gold bouillon and playboy bunnies. In other words, fuck no.

  4. One time when we were high, a buddy of mine drove my girlfriend-at-the-time’s car to the gas station. There was front end damage on the front right side of the car. When he came back, we started asking him about the damage on the car like it wasn’t there when he left. We eventually convinced him he did it and started asking us to get an estimate.

One time when we were merely freshman, we were drinking ourselves stupid on homecoming night. Having skipped the dance and started early we were trashed by say 10. Our buddy Dante was out, he had passed out on the floor of the deck of whoever the hells house we were at. So my friend Chris and I dragged his ass down the stairs and dropped him in the yard. In trying to pick him up his pants fell off and his shirt ripped. He was practically naked and he still wasn’t in the car. To wrap it up, we got him in the car, he puked all over it (inside and out) so we drove to a manual car wash and sprayed him down, in his underwear, against the inside of the door he puked all over.

We used to break into houses that were under construction and find keys to them. We would come back later, spray paint all over the place and cause general havoc, like pushing the refrigerator down the stairs, and setting stereo sets (used by the construction crew) on fire via turpentine One time we broke into this old club and we took sledge hammers to it. We tore down the neon lights and broke open walls, smashed the bar, knocked over the dj tower…

One time, I think I was a sophmore, my friend stole some beer from his parents and we left. When they called him about it he blamed it on a close friend of his and called him an alcoholic. Taking it seriously, his parents called the friend who vehemently denied it. Later that day, the father discovered my friends practical embezzlement from the family fortune, roughly $10,000. We were trashed and out riding around and we were ‘intercepted’ by the accused friend and a group who convinced us that someone was talkin some trash and needed an ass beating. So the accused friend drove the guilty friends car and took us straight back to his house, where his father hit the ceiling and started wailing on his son. It was a father-son fist fight. The incident was so bizarre that when we got back to where we were going I called the local radio station and told the DJ my story. I don’t really know why I did that.

One time, recently, some friends of mine who were fucking were chatting on facebook. The guy is kind of a prankster and he told her that a friend of ours had been fucked up on xanax and was arrested at Six Flags for blowing a guy in the bathroom. She called me to confirm it, I said I hadn’t heard and I called the guy and he told me he was kidding. I didn’t call her until we picked her up and we kept the gag going by telling her that as he was led out of the park he shouted “I’m Not Gay!” (I used the “I’m Number 2! I’m Number 2!” from the Sonic commercial) and she bought it. We gave in and confessed though and a good laugh shared. The rumor though spread like wildfire and a few were convinced. It was pretty hilarious.

  1. When I was in kindergarten I really had to go to the bathroom and I went to the bathroom. I didn’t make it, and I went back to class. If I remember correctly I sat in it, the teacher smelled it and helped me out.

What? I was in kindergarten. Thats pretty embarrassing though, you’re lucky SG.

Hah! I think it was definitely worth it to ask you those questions. Now THAT’S how you get to know a person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, it was fun.

I hope I don’t appear, well… psycho.

Good answer
And yes
And… I also enjoy white mochas. Good stuff