50 Dark Movies riddle


I’ve gotten 37 so far.

All 50. Six Minutes. I may be on the wall of fame under APD. I can give any answers/hints you bitches need.
Four of those minutes were on a single clue, too.

So far my girlfriend and I have 45. Damnit… we’ll get them all, I swear!

The two non-spoiling things I’ll say is that one of them is really hard to find ( the clue in general is hard to see; it’s easy to guess it when you find it, I think) and some of them are really dumb; one does not even make sense.

Ugh, I’ve only found 14. >_< And I’ve been playing for 15 minutes, I suck. XD

21 at 22 minutes so far. Some of the clues don’t make a lot of sense. Others are poorly drawn so that you really have to guess.

Man This Is Too Confusing.I Didn’t Get Any Because I Never Watched Any Of The Movies Meh, Sorry But I Tried.

Neh, this is hard. I don’t watch any of these movies…

giant fish?

What kind of fish is it, though?

Turns out I can’t spell =p
Got that one. ^^

Edit-Hurrah! Finished!

Thanks to Arac and friends.

Good god I suck at puzzle things.

Are You Talking About The Words Ontop Of My Avatar?

nope nope. Talking about the big fish clue.

Oh…Ok,Didn’t Know.

Now you do. ^^
So all questions have been answered.

Huzzah! :dancer:

Those of you who’re done, is the Grim-reaper clue as dumb as I thought it was? I mean, really, what the hell? Of all the things to represent that, a skeleton in a circle.
EDIT: No thanks are necessary, promise.

I dunno. I thought a lot of other clues were cornier when we figured them out. The one with the group of people holding zeros comes to mind.
The grim reaper one made some sense, once we found the movie.

Yeah. The O one made sense to me, but I’m the only one I know who got it right away.

I just thought, “Men with Os, O-men? Omen!”

I was thinking more along the lines Zeros? There’s a movie about a group of zeros?

That doesn’t need to be spoiled, but spoiling things makes me feel special. =p

Only one I got straight away was…eeto…the man in the basket one and the man spying on people from the house.

The first one I got was the blue-dress M&M, but that’s just because I was just talking to one of my friends about the movie minutes before.

Holy crud that one took me awhile to figure out. Wound up googling horror movies and just going down the list until one fit.

When I finally figured out the other two m&ms I felt like a dork for not getting them earlier…

And is exorcist just not note worthy or what? It wasn’t an answer and it’s one of the few horror/suspense/dark movies I’ve actually seen.