50 Dark Movies riddle

Meh…Guess Your Right.:thud:

I think they just couldn’t figure out a clue to represent it, Kairi, or something.

Although, they could’ve drawn a guy excercizing and it would’ve been better than the damn mummy clue.

I was thinking 6 Degrees of something and Zeros for the guys with 'o’s. A really corny one was the giant beetle and the bottle.

Also, I thought the butterflies and the person above the fish were part of the same clue. But the planets have got to be the dumbest clue. I was thinking Armageddon the whole time.

I’m sorry, mother and children is the dumbest if you ask me. The big knife was pretty crappy too. Not that hard, just really, really crappy.

Kill me now please? Make it messy if you’d like.

A girl with her head turned 180 degrees just wouldn’t do it.::dekar!::

I’m almost done. I’ve got 6 more to go, and I can’t find the final clue!!

Most certainly.
When I figured out the big knife one I was like, wait! Is that even a horror movie?

Kairi: It’s just supposed to be “dark” movies.

Rig: Good point, and I know, that is a pretty terrible pun, but it’s not worth dying for. Although, for our mutual love of Nick Cave, I could re-enact the entire Murder Ballads album on you.

I got 6. Whoo go me.

That’s More Than Me…I Only Got 0 Because I Never Watched Any Of The Movies.

Yeah…but I never saw that one as dark really. More like actiony.


Yeah, but it DOES have vampires in it, so I guess you could call it dark.


Sweet irony. I must be one of the few people who think Murder Ballads isn’t worth its hype. Your offer is now doubly effective.


thbt. Hardly dark.

Murder Ballads was the worst album of his career if you ask me. I even thought there was something unique and cool about the “lounge singer from hell” phase he went through, more than Murder Ballads.

Good judgement, we’ll go out for a drink someday.

when I manage to teleport myself to Colorado