3000 Posts

I just wanted you to know that my penis size has just increased thricefold.


Oh. And if you post here, I’ll ask you a question, because I’m tired of being interrogated. I will say that no more than two posts will qualify for questions, the rest will be qualified for spankings- from this guy (unless you are answering questions, of course):


Post away.

EDIT: The first round of questions shall be posted later today.

Congrats and I must praise you for changing a long-time tradition! :victoly:


Question me about anything but my lack of a social life.

Oh it has, has it? :eek:

Congrats, and all that. Have a cookie. Even though I could give a crap about post count.

Ummmm… when did we start caring about your penis size? I know I dont care… but if it were my b/f (one I dont have) I would be like… COME HERE BABY! and start having fun :wink:

i can’t wait till my penis is 3000 posts long


This coming from someone who finds himself bigger than average: Size matters little (Width, though, is more important than length), as long as the guy knows how to use it.

3000!? Damn!

3000 posts, and as far as can recall, 4 different usernames. :smiley:

Congrats, dude.

Shit, I should have done this awhile ago. I would have gotten a large penis out of it, apparently! Maybe 4000…grumble

Congratz! Well on the posting part anyway…

Apart from the fact the thricefold isn’t a word, well done!

Im glad to see that despite being rather generic and angsty you have stayed on with RPGC this long. Class 3000 penis or not, you are a well established member here, and you continued presence is a reminder to all that this place is worth it… to a generic and angsty person at least. You get 3 additional marathon points.

What would happen if a girl reaches that high? It wouldn’t be penis because last time I checked… I was a chick and I saw my pussy… >.>… does it go for tits insted?

ha! girls don’t use the internet, there all just guys pretending to be girls silly

As many FBI agents can testify to.


Are you saying I’m not a girl?! Eyes flame Must resist erge to…not…use…bazooka!

Rikku: Do it! Do it!