3000 club almost there

As I’m about to become the third person to join the 3000 neo-post club, rather than do the usual question routine, we’ll modify it a bit. Say what you would most like to see improved about RPGC. I’m sure most of you will talk about the forums, but any aspect of the site, bar none, is open. I’m not saying all these changes will go in effect, but this way maybe things that we don’t think are problems may be revisited, or things we aren’t aware of can be brought to our attention, etc. I’ll respond to every question/request/comment too, in keeping with the Q&A ideal of the question thread. Fire away!

Show us a saucy picture of you! SAUCY!

I’ll have something that actually has substance later.

I think RPGC is great as-is, so I dont really have any questions/suggestions about that.

So here’s a random question: Why is EarthBound one of you favorate games? (Not that it isn’t a great game, hell, it’s one of my favorates. But I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts.

EDIT: And I would buy RPGC swag.

I’d like to see a site map (Since I visited RPGC for weeks before realizing there were shrines)

The RPGRadio section to be revived.

And myself installed as supreme dictator for life.

Edit: I like your title :stuck_out_tongue:

As I’m about to become the third person to join the 3000 neo-post club

Who were the other two?

Id like to be declared Jedi Master.

After two and a half years being here, i still cant find anything wrong

maybe thats why i keep coming back?

I do like the idea of a site map, ppl come looking for one thing, and dont realize how much we have to offer them.

Sorry Merl, the rumors of concubines and free alcohol weren’t true. And if they were, I’m sure that Sin has used it all up already, damnit.

I’m still waiting for the RPGC swag… it’d be a good source of server payments, seeing that the donations aren’t that plentiful…


Well, the suggestion box is here already :wink:

And my final desire is more catgirls. But I guess Macc’s and Kai’s sites will suffice.

An RPGC tshirt. That would rock, i’d totally wear it all the time.

FUCK yes, RPGC memoribilia would really help. I’d buy a lot of it XD

I think a lot of things are great about the site. I’d like to see more updates/progress/etc. regarding the revamping and improvement of “complete” shrines. Even if a process isn’t complete, it would be nice to know what’s happening nonetheless since the current state of some shrines is beyond frustrating.

I’d also like to see more done with game reviews. I don’t even know the current situation’s workings at all, but I think it would be helpful and fun to see more fair, [i]gramatically correct[i], complete reviews for some games. Now it seems like the only time that really happens is when someone buys a game and happens to post a “review” on the forum or when someone solicits opinions on a game prior to purchase.

Keep up the excellent work - it’s very much appreciated here. =)

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> How about making me the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! ominious chord

What, you can’t do that. Dang, then I guess you could just finish Legend of Zelda shrine someday and make your sprite hipper and less likely to be killed by a piano. :smiley:

The RPGC store would be cool. Also, I’ve been to a few sites that had a ‘mailbag’. I thought this was a really cool idea, and I think RPGC should have one. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about knocking on Kagon and 984’s door to get to the present mailbag?

How about rpgc buffs(survivor hankerchief thingys), rpgc the toliet paper, rpgc the fruity loopy cereal, rpgc the yogurt, rpgc the massager, rpgc the flashlight, rpgc the creamy corn, rpgc the hippo, rpgc the is shot dead… but but but why?

rpgc short for rpgclassics ;p

I demand RPGCuba whereupon we can operate our Thunderdome in order to settle all squabbles.

RPGC store, where they sell Charlemagne shirts and underwear.

Also Charlemagne should have more powers. and more avatars. and he should be put in charge of tricking

Sitemap and some sort of store where real things could be sold. Yes.

EDIT: I know I know! Abolish visible post-counts! ;;>_>

Two more things -

  1. Can I be the Mayor?

  2. I’m not all about the swag (since I don’t get into it at all), but could we have RPGC horns so we could honk since we all love the 984?

Some Charle thongs for sale.

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