25 most overrated games

Gamespy did a thing where the put out what they thought were the top 25 most overratd games heres the link.
so what do you think?

How come Halo is on the list? I thought it was a good game and didn’t hype itself so much. Halo kept its promises and is a very innovative game, IMHO.

But yeah, Daikatana sucked and B&W wasn’t worthy for the hype it got. But Donkey Kong Country was a good game and I wonder why it’s there. And Morrowind as a game wasn’t what it should’ve been but it’s still one of the best RPGs I’ve played and a very beautiful one too.

yea some of those are overated but some of them i havent heard of

Personally I think it’s all fine but FF7 not being the #1 over rated game.

MK? MK?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HEATHENS!

Err… cough

That’s not righ… HOW DARE THEY!!! ARGH!!!

I mean…

Dammit, MK’s a good game!

MGS2 was rated just damn fine, thanks.



MK was highly overrated. Besides the fatality system and use of blood, it did not stand apart from other fighting games at the time. Not only that, but the utterly unintuitive button movements make me scowl.

Also- overrated doesn’t mean bad… Jesus.

The only one that is wrong on there:

American McGee’s Alice. I LOVE that game.

How come Battletoads is on the list since i thought almost nobody remembers that game.

FF7 has to be in the number 1 spot.

Originally posted by Mastermune
How come Battletoads is on the list since i thought almost nobody remembers that game.

That was an awesome game! How dare they! And Halo? What! Where is FF7 on the list? Huh? Where?

Halo wasn’t hyped? Are you stupid? My god, that had to be one of the most over hyped games ever, right up there next to Daikatana.

Sure Halo was hyped, but it’s awesome, therefore it doesn’t deserve the label of over-rated.

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FF7 has to be in the number 1 spot.

Nah, Black and white earned its spot in #1 more than any other. I mean, FF7 was at least a little fun… B#W got lots of great reviews despite the fact that it was utter crap…

And with that I have to say Lamespy list was just horrible. Half those games are acually good, yet this stupid site feels they must act cool and diss them for no reason. Oh well, hate the site before, still hate them. And if they it wasn’t for them owning Classicgaming, I would never visit them.

Just because a game is overrated doesn’t mean it’s not good. Final Fantasy 7 is a good game, but it’s also horribly overrated by the general public as being the greatest game Ev0r! which it most certainly is not.

I’ve never played Black and White, so I don’t really know.

I’m with Penny Arcade on this one. Gamespy’s feature, from the selections of it I did read, is full of it. The FF7 entry in particular looks like nothing other than the editors claiming how much better oldschoolers they are because they liked other Final Fantasy games better. Pathetic.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
FF7 has to be in the number 1 spot.

I heartily agree. Does anyone remember the advertisement campaign for that game? It was portayed as an epic, magnificient, “bigger than jesus” type of game. I know many a person who bought it, not even knowing it was an RPG, just because they got sucked in by the hype. Why do you think you can find used copies of FF7 everywhere? People bought into the hype, not the game…

Not to say FF7 isn’t awesome; I enjoyed playing it thoroughly. But lets face it, its more of a “transitional game”, then a masterpiece.

Yugioh games are really overrated.

I don’t understand. Starfox adventure not even there. I mean, my cousin waited for it so long, and it revealed to be one of the most boring games…