1000 Post time

I Don’t beleve it. This is my 1000 Post. And the 13th topic started by me.

As it is Custom to a Q&A thread when you 1000, so here it is!

Big Nutter
read out notes “Sillier the Question, sillier the Answer” This is going to be fun.

Question: What is your opinion of me?

Bollocks or Bottom?

If Link became an elf for Santa Claus, what would his duties be?

Why do people ask stupid, over-asked Monty Python questions in threads like these?

If I was to draw a catgirl for you, what would it look like?

Webshooters or a Ruby quartz visor?

North Korea or Cuba?

Remember the Maine or the Alamo?

I like them as Weapons, and I know You like them more, than I do. (There is a real Person who I made this sprite for. That is from quote from one of my 500 thead)

I have made one up yet,

Male dangly genitalia or a girls Behind? Her bum. I use Arse for Curse words so. Bum it is.

Cheif Rupee Collecter!! or Egg colecter (He chucks Those Chickens far!). Honestly I have idea. Personally I see him not getting Zelda in bed.

Your drawing it… Not unless you mean what do I would like it to look like. Ears up and alert, top on, trowser off…

I prefere Staffs and a Pack of Cards. Gambit not Spidey or Cyclops. Out of the Two Spidey.

I Don’t know much about either, Cuba. The Cigars.

I don’t know either. Other than O’Brian and Dr Bashir made a Model of the Alamo in Season 7 DS9, and there a song about it, also DS9.

Big Nutter
How do I get my Custom title changed? (Ignore this if I’ve already done it)

Macc’s hq or the The Orakian Hideout.

Listener or the speaker?

Spitfire or Seafire?

Lampshade doctrine fornicate weasel concubine?

Macc’s HQ, Becouse of FARTS

Listener, I’m a nitemare on the phone.

Being Britsh and lack knowalage about the other: SPITFIRE!

You’ve got a pair of weasels making out in a doctors lamp shade, then the male goes off and does another girl. I can surgest is get some Bicycle clips and wear them when catching and taking him to be nutered. So that Bulge isn’t that you’re pleased to see Weilla but a weasels.

Big Nutter

And 12 go through to … Bridge Ball! OOF, he totally lost it before getting the Golden ball.


Eligible bungee journey. :frowning:

The Seafire was just a carrier version of the Spitfire. The Seafire had changes such as a tail hook, add ons for catapult use, and on later variants, folding wings.

HAH you always have the best pictures! saves

Is it 1000 already?

What what?

What what what what? … You said what first. (Shark Tale)

I’m wrong and I’ve got to do a Bungee Jump?

Still Spitfire wins.

Aye! Plus a Few. Pie I Like them too!

Big Nutter
Oh. A Barrel! Come to me barrel! Wait up.!

I am scared, of these questions. If i were posting my 1000 post and i got questions like these. I would just put a simple " . . . No comment . . . " But tha is just me

How the hell have so many people gotten to 1000 posts before me? I feel so inadequate.

Better start spamming. =\


And jesus bn, how do you manage to post so much? What do you do all day?