10 Reasons Why You Should Hang Out in IRC Chat

It seems the days of our lively RPGC Chat room have come to an end. This is a shame, as IRC has and always will be the lifeblood of the InTaRwEb UnDaGrOuNd. IRC Chat is still widely used for a number of reasons: it provides an easy means of quick communication for groups to organize, share ideas, plan events, and whatnot. IRC began in 1988, first created by some finnish dude who was probably too cold to go outside. It was mainly just used for private university networks and such and until the kickoff of EFNet in the early 90’s. It grew quickly in popularity cause it was just so much faster than the BBSes of the time, and there were really very few rules associated with it. It was easy to hide your identity. The first wide popular usage of IRC was during the gulf war of 1991, in which users quickly shared information with one another, often hours or even days ahead of major news organizations. It spread quickly from there, becoming popular with the “hacker” crowd who didn’t want traces of their activities being left on BBS servers around the world, but of course it always quickly grew in popularity simply as a chat platform used by millions of normal netizens around the world. It is still hugely popular today - in fact, the US government believes it is widely used by terrorist groups planning attacks all around the world, due to the ease with which identities and even the existence of chat rooms and servers can be hidden to the world at large. Pretty bad ass huh?

So why should you care about our little RPGC IRC chat? Well, I’m here to provide you with 10 reasons:

  1. zeppelin, the most badassest of all RPGC badasses hangs out there on a daily basis while at work, mainly spouting non-sequitors at himself since no one else is around to listen to him. Since he is in China and his clock is reversed from the rest of you crazy folk in the West, you can enjoy his witty antics at convenient hours in the early evening and before bed! What a deal!

  2. The 984, obviously much cooler than the 983, but not quite as awesome as the 985, is the “owner” of the chat - he is a southern gentleman with the tongue of a poet and the stature of a confederate general. He likes to eat waffles at the waffle house, but don’t mess with him, because he is all powerful in our tiny realm. Allow to me recite a rap in his name

His name is the 984
bustin’ out the four-to-the-floor
at night he sleeps but does not snore
cause with da bitches he can score
and when they all come back for more
their clothes they all get ripped and tore
cause he is the 984
and you will feel the gay galore

  1. Nobody cares about rules anymore so you can swear and be really politically incorrect

  2. You can be part of the cool RPGC clique and make fun of the geeks and nerds behind their backs like all cool cliques do (like all the people posting their pictures in the picture thread - man we are so handsome)

  3. When a girl (OMG) comes in the chat, you can totally white knight everyone else and be her savior - she will totally cyber you

  4. You can abuse nickserv and impersonate other people, then quote it in your elite RPGC Forums profile (quotin dis)

  5. When you are drunk, you can make an ass of yourself and you won’t have to worry about foretting to hit the post button

  6. You can be part of the eternal #rpgc / #rpgclassics struggle for global supremacy (death to #rpgc)

  7. You get to harass all of the Newby_McNoobs when they wander into the chat lookin for role playin’ action. * zeppelin puts on his robe and wizard hat

  8. zeppelin will cry if you don’t love him. Beneath that hard, rippled, stunning exterior of his there is a man of deep sensibilities and emotions - like a flower in spring waiting to be plucked

And if that hasn’t sold you - well there is always porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Yes, I totally cyber. I cybered so much I was worn out, that’s why I haven’t been back.

quotin dis

Chances are, when I’m in there, I’ll say some retarded shit that I really shouldn’t have said. Then I’ll spend like thirty minutes trying to backpeddle. It’s entertaining.

Hey man I use mIRC for WoW purposes

I think I’ll hang out in the chat again!

Make this the chat’s welcome message.

…so I can come back and spam lmao.wav?

Why we had a gay ol’ time last night

I had a fun time, until Ramza came in. Then I hit /ignore. :stuck_out_tongue:

S’cause I was there :slight_smile:

I used to pop in every once in while. Then I got my new computer and never installed IRC on it. I may get around to it eventually.

I try to get on when I don’t feel completely overwhelmed by schoolwork. Also, when I go in, no one really talks to me except 984. Most of the people in there are just idling, it seems like.

Freyja was idling on me last night

I am there now! Why does no man?!

Cut that shit out, you fucking douchebag.

Arac you need to be in the chat when I’m in the chat

I don’t think we’ve ever been in the chat together before!

Ramza cut that Freya shit out, it clearly annoys him.

I’ll dl IRC tonight. Haven’t been on there in a while.

Still white-winged-angel.net channel 64?

Posting while skiing in the FAR NORTH.

I hope you keep the room clean while I’m gone.

Love, Minty Booze-Chocolate-Tanked Maba.

P.S. Back next Monday.

No thanks. It was incredibly depressing to be there when I was 16, I can only imagine what it would feel like now :confused: