1,000 Posts Thread! Oh, so Frikin Heck Yah!

YAY! I’m finally at 1,000 posts! So ask me questions & stuff!

Is your name supposed to mean something?

What happened to your best friend?

Who would win in a fistfight between Shakespeare and the Pope?

Well…I don’t know what happened to me.

Kiro: He hasn’t been over my house so he could post until now.

Which is better, live performance, live performance album or album?

After catgirls in terms of cutesyness and total kawaiinesws in a chibi small c00t form: Bunnygirls or Elves?

If zombies attacked and you had to choose between a 9mm handgun (Beretta S.T.A.R.S Special Issue, 12-bullet clip) and two clips, or a 12 gauge combat shotgun (Pump action, 6 bullet chamber) and 12 shells, which would you pick?

Rheinmetal AG Vindicator Minigun or Winchester P94 turbo plasma rifle?

Who is your fav Turtle and why?

Would you consider well over 90% of the posts you have made thus far to be either nonsensical, stupid, not relevent to the current topic, or spammy?

You’re 11, have 1000+ posts… do you have any REAL LIFE friends?

do you consider me a friend?

super saiyen catgirl or super cat gundam?

do you wish you were older or would you rather be 11 for eternity?

guest apearence on vg cats or a better sprite?

:moogle: cake or cookies?

would you rather have an army of robot zombies or a box full kitten?

sailor moon or card captor?

What are your thoughts on me in general?

What are your thoughts on my gender?

Vincent or Sephiroth?

Are you really as hyper in real life are you are in the messageboards?

What are your thoughts on the meaning of life?

Is hades retarded?

Epic, I want to bear your children.

Are you related to Excel from Excel Saga?
What do you think of kawaii-ness in general?
Why do so many pink-haired girls turn out to be violent and dangerous?
Chocolate or candy?

Get in line.

Like Caith Sith asked, do you consider me a friend, and what is your favorite smilie. Congratulations and I hope ypu manage to answer all these questions.

Congrat’s kiro, that was pretty fast. ^^
Plan on sticking around for another 1000 posts?

Will you answer all these questions?


Live performance albums bleh.

The other two are tied because if the live performance was over crowded then it would stink.

  1. Bunny girls!
  2. The second one!
  3. Winchester P94 turbo plasma rifle
  4. The turtly one.



Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Tomato: Fruit or vegetable?

Does the grass really look greener on the other side?

Why are we here?

Is there a God or are we all just the product of someone or something’s imagination?