ZSNES pic-taking.

Got my laptop back. First problem: I can’t remember which ZSNES and at what resolution I was using to take captures without getting those annoying black boarders around the picture. Any help? My resolution’s 1024 x 768.

It shouldn’t really matter what Zsnes version you download; they should all be able to save in .BMP and .PNGs. Anyway, is yours set on 8-bit or 16-colour? (high or true colour) Try setting it on 1024x768x8/16 depending on your mode.

The problem isn’t that I can’t save images; it’s that the images are created with a black border that’s VERY annoying to remove when you have to mess around with hundreds of pics for a shrine.

I don’t know if this helps, but I normally screencap while not on full-screen mode. I think that gets rid of the borders.

Keep in mind though I haven’t used ZSNES in a while.

Oh, whoops. I haven’t read carefully enough. The only thing you can do is paste it in a separate paint window first and remove it with the paintbucket tool or the box outline tool or something :stuck_out_tongue:

There must be something else I can do. I worked on this laptop for about a year before it broke, and I had configurations such that I had no black borders on screenshots that I took. I do know that I was using ZSNESwin, and that it was not in full screen mode. I guess since people haven’t been as lucky with ZSNES as I was in this respect that’ll I’ll have to go digging through the ZSNES archives to find the version I was using.