ZSNES and Windows XP

Hey all,

I just recently reinstalled WinXP Pro and when i run ZSNES it seems to jump every few seconds. By that I mean I will be playing and every 5-6 seconds or so it skips both in sound and video.

I have most recent video card drivers (Geforce 5200), DX9, all XP service packs and updates, and latest ZSNES. I have tried it windowed, full screen with options for each (DS, S, etc…) and in multiple screen resolutions.

Anyone seen this before and have any ideas?

What version of zsnes do you use? The v. 1.36 windows port works fine on my machine while the WIP doesn’t perform as well.

I am using 1.36 already. I dont want to switch emulators because I like ZSNES heh.

Well, are you using the dos or windows version?

The Windows version of ZSNES works fine on Windows XP. If you can’t get that to work you can always switch to SNES9X. You can play with someone else just as easily as you can with ZSNES, at least I’ve been able to.

Make sure its the windows version, it works just fine for me.

I ended up switching to SNES9X. I have been using the Windows version of ZSNES fine for along time but for some reason its giving me problems this time. SNES9X works fine though.

THanks for the help all