Zsnes 1.40 RC1 out...

And it’s looking really promising. Or what do you say when you hear:

  • Native S-DD1 Decompression Support (that’s right, no need for Graphics Packs to play Star Ocean :D)
  • Better support for many various games, including Yoshi’s Island and Lufia 2
  • The ability to patch a game when patch+game is in the same zip archive

… And much, much more. If you want to try it out now, go geddit! Since it’s a pre-release, it might contain a few bugs, so be sure to let them zsnes guys know of any you find. And yay for the Zsnes team! :biggrin:

sounds intriguing. and what strange occurance has caused you to start posting again 8P

It’s nothing compared to the Optimised Build!

So what does the OB do?

Uh, DUH Pierson. It’s “optimized.” That makes it, “better!” I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t know “that.”

Just downloaded it. Am I the only one who can’t mess with his control configuration, or is this a bug that needs to be reported?

You need to select Keyboard/Joystick as the input thing. Maybe should fling them a message to set it as a default option…

And to answer your questions why I started posting; got bored, I was in the neighborhood, and this little tidbit just came out. It’s Open Source, of course I gotta report about it! =P

I’ll wait for the final release. Built-in SO decoding would give me reason to finally get the final translation and play it out.

I have a previous version of ZNES, but it never worked for me. My controls either freeze, or never work to begin with. I even bought a video game PC controller- no good. Any idea why?

And nice to see you, Wert. :wave:

It runs on less resources, thus faster and better.

Interesting… I wish I could check those out right now.shakes fist at home connection And the Linux Zealot lives! IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!!! :hahaha;