Zophar.net: More Emulation Then You Need

If you need an emulator (any emulator for any system), or any emulation related tools, or any other legal emulation junk, you can find it at Zophar’s Domain. Stop asking about where to get emulators, this covers as many as you’ll ever need, and always links to the homepage of said program. This should really be stickied.

Yeah, too bad zophar’s is DOWN or something.

Happy April Fools day Steve.

I can’t be held responsible if you fall for April Fools day jokes.

Herre’s another great emulation site:

Best Download

There’s a very good, very easy to find ROM site out there with no popups, no signups, and near endless downloads. I can’t really say the name, but I can hint at the name (I think).

Think emulation, then think of another word for “sanitarium”. Put the first three letters of “emulation” together with that other word, and there you are.

This years had nothing on 2003.

NO SPOILER,I just like to wrap sentences

It said that the ISDA(had shut them down and the founder of the site had pleaded guilty to :hahaha; :hahaha; “CONS :booster: PIACY” :mwahaha: :mwahaha: to emulate games.

NO SPOILER,I just like to wrap sentences

ZD hasnt loaded for me for over a week now.

Is it still not? They were having DNS issues. Should be working now, though.

nope still not.

the tamper data extension i have for firefox shows it getting, and thats it. it times out after 5 mins.

It’s working fine for me (Firefox), but it hasn’t updated since June 26th.