Zombies From the Beyond

As a requirement for my World of the Arts class, I had to see a musical. Fortunately, Zombies From the Beyond was playing. The musical takes place in Milwaukee, at the space center in 1955. An alien craft is observed over the skyline and the aliens come to abduct all men on earth to repopulate their species. Needless to say the musical was a great idea. The special effects were lightyears beyond what I expected. The alien spaceship was made with a pie tin and a frisbe and came out on a string across the stage. To say the least, this was a theatrical triumph. Has ayone ever seen this musical? I heard it went off broadway for awhile. Anyway discuss.

Whoa, that sounds so cool, why haven’t I heard of this before?? A zombie musical!!! Who wrote it?

Sounds awsome! I love musicals. Tell us who did it.

Musicals are weird.

That is all I’m saying.

Here is a link with some info about the show. —> http://www.musicalheaven.com/z/zombies_from_the_beyond.shtml

My fav musical is 5 guys named moe. anyone seen it? the broadway cd kicks BUTT.