Zombies ate my Neighbors - Need help!

I’m in Level 22 - Revenge of Doctor Tongue.

I want to get the bonus level and the Flamethrower that are hidden here. I need a Skull Key to get them. I’m pretty sure I need to kill the Vampire to get the key.

I have plenty of things to kill it WITH, but hne problem is, when I deal a lot of damage to him, he flies off! How do I kill him and get the key?!

Use a Monster Potion if you have one. They’re the best ways to take out the vampire and the Frankenstein’s Monster.

Oh, and if that’s the level I’m thinking of, you won’t get a Skull Key even if you kill the vampire. The only way to open the door is to bring a Skull Key from an earlier level. You can sometimes find them in drawers and stuff (very rarely), so don’t count on that. I know there’s an extra skull key on an island in one of the fishman levels or something, so you might want to be sure you get that before you get to the level you’re on.

Dammit…oh, well.

Maybe I can save/load states like crazy until I get one. :hahaha;

Thanks anyway.

I didn’t get those when I went through, mostly because Skull Keys are so rare. Just go in front of a drawer and save/load state until you get one. Just remember that it might take a while.