Zombie dogs?

Still, this looks like an intriguing medical breakthru

That’s nice… but definitely could be nasty at the same time.
If it’s used right though, such as with the examples they used, (On a battlefield, or such), then this is an awesome medical breakthrough!
We all know the sorts of weird-arse people who could think up shit about this eh?
And definitely in time, could do wonders…

  • Futurama!!


Necrophiliacs won’t like this, no not at all…

I want to do that with my cats when they die.

Pfff… It’d be funnier if they had developed some real life version of sengaia.

12-year-old girl gets divorce
Goats recruited to fight bushfires
Scientists create robot lobster
The most dangerous day of the week
Trainee’s overtime paid in bourbon
Cookie trail leads to suspects
Soldiers steal tank to buy vodka
Bonking, brawls and booze
Man gets $2600 for plaster Jesus
New shop to turn away the rich

Awesome. :smiley:

Oh this is just fabulous. I know I’m gonna find myself trapped in a zombie filled mansion a la Resident Evil. Damn scientists.

Lets see some sources…this is reading off the charts on my BSMeter.

I’ve heard of this before. An extremely useful application would be suspending the animation of people undergoing heart attacks, removing the blood clots, and then reanimating them. Cells die out because they can’t get enough oxygen during a heart attack, so this could be useful indeed, if they find a way to get it applied quickly.

Yay now scientist have someone to feed all that flesh flavored tofu to.

:moogle: if anyone needs me i’ll be zombie proofing the house.

I am liking the other news. <3 http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,15703446-13762,00.html oO

But anyway. Who wants to pre-emptively found a ‘population control squad’ with me? >D Just, y’know. In case overpopulation gets even worse if people can’t kill themselves off anymore… of course that might still take a few decades. But it never hurts to start practicing so we’ll have an elite team once the time comes. <_< Good ol’ video game style.
We could always start with lemons and squirt guns like in zombies ate my neighbours…

Am I the only one getting a flashback of Terranigma?

Boy today just gets better and better. I’ll join!

:moogle: Me to. and I’m already good with a gun,

<font size=88> Cait Sith </font>

<font size=99>YOU NOT FUNNY!</font>

How long does it take to drain the subject of blood and replace it with this salt solution? Wouldn’t there be permanent brain damage by that point?


/me hates Louran… shudder

Yes, sounds intriguing, but I would like to see a confirmation of these medical “breakthrough” from other sources.

Plans to test the technique on humans should be realised within a year, according to the Safar Centre.
Feel like dying (clinically) for a couple of hours?

I’ve already got one, we’d love to have you join. We’re called DEATH.
Bloody scientists, let nature work its devices and let people die when fate dictates.