I’m probably going to get stares for this, But links awakening for GBC is without a doubt my favorite, I remember skipping 2 days of school just so i could beat it. :stuck_out_tongue:

By and by, that “extra dungeon” They put in the color version is complete malarcy, its so short you can beat it in under 10 minutes on your first try, I guess the offset are those 2 pieces of armor you get at the end.

Btw we’ll have to see what the first Zelda for Wii will be like. As they just delivered a classic-style Zelda, perhaps they’ll branch out next as they did in the past (a la Zelda 2,LA,MM).

Seriously, what the hell was with that? You get to Zant and he’s looking all menacing at first, then suddenly he’s all “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man! I know you are but what am I? Don’t go there girlfriend!” and so on.

Twilight Princess is easily the best videogame ever to play on acid.

It would have been way better if Nintendo had added a crap load of Spinner minigames, after that dungeon you really didn’t need to use the Spinner all that much except for a heart piece or two, they should have added some bitchin’ races or something.

I fucking hated the spinner. Most useless Zelda tool to date.

Screw you man, the spinner was awesome.

The big Spinner room in the bottom level of Arbiter’s Domain was the best room in the game. It felt like a giant skate park, what with all the grinding all over the room and stuff. Made me want to play Tony Hawk.

The Spinner’s best moment was during the second half of the level-4 Boss Fight where you’re riding up along the wall giving a high speed chase while being chased and being shot at high speeds by the boss. And while you’re doing all of that you’re also jumping from wall to wall trying to hit the enemy without getting knocked off.

If there was anything this game did well it was some of the boss fights.

Yeah, during the boss fight it was awesome, otherwise it pointless. Maybe I just dont want the XGames in my Legend of Zelda.

The boss fight with the Dragon at the end of the sky temple was epic as hell.

Yet, pathetically easy.

Eh, it was all about presentation.

Link+spinner= Green Goblin

Agreed. I don’t play zelda games for the challenge.

Who would?

I play em just to beat the crud out of Ganon in a different way.

I liked Twilight Princess. I guess because of the darker atmosphere of the game compared to the rest of the series. That, and it’s actualy hard for me to HATE a game.

My take on this …

I generally approach games and movies with the resolute intentions of enjoying them. This has only failed me a few times*, and in two of the “game” cases it was only through sheer weight of frustration at the very end of the game (Sonic Adventure because during the Egg Viper fight, his homing attack suddenly stopped actually, y’know, homing in, and I’ve already described Rayman 2). I didn’t mind Ocarina, or Minish Cap; maybe I just have a high tolerance for annoying characters. I mean, I didn’t mind Jar-Jar when Phantom Menace came out, though maybe the fact that I was 13 had something to do with it. Although as for Tingle, I do want to throw that little bastard into a sack, and the sack into a river, and the river into outer space.</Futurama>

*Honorable mention goes to Imperishable Night, the first game to make me go “AUGH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK” on normal difficulty, and which nearly put me off danmaku games for life the first time I played it on easy, though we’re on speaking terms now.