I hate the new Zeldas. And I mean hate in the most hateful virulent meaning of the term. I can’t fucking stand em. The one with the most potential was WW but the boat killed it for me. So now we have a new one coming for DS very soon. I am torn by recent Zelda experiences and nostalgia of good old 2D zeldas.

I just dislike TP. It’s pretty much OoT with a boobjob and less content.

OoT didn’t have Midna. God I hate Midna. I wasn’t a big fan of the wolf stuff either but that’s a big part thanks to Midna.

I really don’t like TP. I’m hopeful about the new DS zelda, seeing as its based on Wind Waker. Also, my favorite zeldas have always been the portable ones, so i’d be looking forward to it either way… Links Awakening is my all time favorite game (i personally think it is a far better game than LttP), and Minnish Cap was awesome.

The Minnish Cap was the most enjoyable one for me in some time - most likely because it was the one most similar to Link to the Past. I do have to say, I HATE the characters they come up with, like Tingle and the Mailman and all those folks. LttP had some cartoony things (like falling down a well), but some of the new stuff is just unnecessarily retarded.

Man, I fucking love Tingle. I’m buying that Tingle game the second it’s released.

I also really don’t mind Midna, she’s an interesting character, just… useless. Beats HEY, LISTEN! at least.


Kaseli knows where it’s at.

Link’s awakening is damn awesome.

The Minnish Cap was fine apart from that silly rod. What a stupid item.

I got burned out on the DS Zelda with all the different dates, I’ll wait till it ships first. LA is great but I prefer ALTTP.

I’d have to agree with RPG Dragon, I’d take Midna over ‘HEY LISTEN’ any day. She was just lacking an enemy spy command, only snarkier than Navi’s.

I didn’t dislike Twilight Princess, but I can certainly see its faults. But this has been covered a number of times before. I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next big console Zelda game…

For the record, my favorite in the series is LttP.

Storywise, TP is EASILY the best Zelda yet. It had dark engaging plot largely due to Midna who I thought was a really cool character. It wasnt just a mild narrative that served as an excuse to slog through dungeons and solve puzzles. Gameplay-wise, it took a long ass time to get off the ground, and the times where you were forced to play as the Wolf was painful. Overall, the Wolf thing didnt really seem to have to do with anything. There were no memorable tunes off the soundtrack-But at least they resurrected the old classic Zelda theme. Overall, I thought it was better than WW, up there with OoT, but not quite as engaging as others.

Yes it was. That’s my main complaint with the game, after the first three dungeons the plot went poof. I actually loved the game up until then.

My favorite Zelda was easily Majora’s Mask, which a lot of my friends seemed to hate. I thought it created the best atmosphere of any game, it actually seemed alive to me.

Did you consider that recent?

For me it’s aLttP followed immediately by LA and then either OG or OoT.

As for TP. While I don’t dislike it there were things that kept me from liking it. There were minigames plenty of minigames, but after the fourth dungeon there really wasn’t a game game anymore. The fetch quests were the lamest yet (collect golden bugs and you get money, collect all of them and you get a wallet) along with the items (it’s a sad day when the best item in a Zelda game is a pair of Iron Boots) the characters seemed more like refugees from a Japanese Variety Show (this seems to be getting worse with the newer games), and no Zelda game should be trying to compete with Xenosaga in terms of musical track quality.

WW was imho a good Zelda game, but the whole sailing thing really did get old fast. It wasn’t the wait that was getting to me (if I couldn’t take it then why in god’s name do I own 2 PSBricks) it was trying to do something other than sailing in a straight line, like fishing, fighting, turning, stopping, and so on.

PH looks to at least alleviate that problem.

Btw I don’t consider running a 100-floor gauntlet to be a dungeon.

No badmouthing the Boots.

I dunno, I disagree with you there. I found Wind Waker to have the better story (and I only played it after TP). Midna’s part in things was neat, but the overall story was just dull and predictable. Zant’s utter turnaround in character at the end ruined his earlier menace, and Ganon, well, he’s the main series villain but he felt more like a throwaway cameo in this game. His role was much bigger and much more significant in Wind Waker, but he was an utter let-down this time around. Blah blah blah, there’ll always be twilight and shadow, blargh I am dead.

Not a bad story. But the best? Wind Waker had the better story, in my opinion, unfortunately a lot of it was overshadowed by the sea travel and the frickin Triforce hunt.

I actually loved WW, aside from the triforce hunt which, let’s be fair, was filler. I hated TP though, and a lot of it was due to a) Midna, detestable little shit, and b) the Wii controls. ‘Wave the remote like a sword to make the wolf bite’ wtf was that all about?

I’m actually tempted to get the GC version and play through that instead.

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I like Midna :frowning: Guess it’s just personal preference.

I didn’t care for TP either. It is the only Zelda I have stopped playing not because I got stuck, but because I just didn’t feel like playing it. I felt like I was slugging through and forcing myself to play just because it is a Zelda game. The others I didn’t feel that way. I didn’t care for WW too much, but it was better and the more I replay it, the better I realize it is. Aside from the ocean travel being long and annoying, it is pretty cool. The story is great (I especially like the sotry scenes), the world is cool and alive (except for the ocean), and there is a lot to do. While I don’t like the ocean travel, I do like the level of exploration (which TP has none of, at least not where I am which is fairly far into the game). The wolf scenes sucked and where really just long fetch quest with no real challenge. I dreaded going to new areas because it was like “Fuck, I’ve gotta be the wolf and find the little drops and waste an half hour of my time.” The story looks like it’ll build and be cool, but as of now I’m bored. I really can’t bring myself to play it. I didn’t mind Midna since Midna said more and has a neat mysterious past.