Zelda Oracle of Seasons,

Hi, I’m new so just thought I would say hello before I got to my question.

Ok here is the thing, I am playing Zelda Oracle of Seasons (incase you could not tell by the title,) and I am having major problems getting to Dragon Key. I have tried at least a hundred times and I still can’t get the thing, I am at the point of giving up. Can anyone help me? Is there ANY onter way to get the key besides Moosh?

Unfortunatly there’s no other way to cross those pits at that point of the game, so practice your button mashing and try your best.

I’ve completed that game and I can’t even remember which bit of the game your at so I’m a bit useless.

depending on which horn you end up having, you’ll have to use the horn to summon that person and figure out a way to get it. at this point, if you have moosh’s horn, you’re screwed for anything else. that took me a while to get done too.