Zelda is like an ex-girlfriend

You broke up with her but you just wanna try and get a little action every now and then, after you forgot why you broke up. But when you play OoT or WW, you break up again because you can’t stand her. The early zeldas were like the good days of your relationship with Zelda and then her real personality came out after a while and over time you couldn’t stand her anymore. So what do you do? You go for the hot little girls that ARE around to get the action that Zelda can’t give.

In summary, OoT and WW are boring. What made the old zeldas fun, what made LTTP the pinacle of Zelda, was its mazes and its rooms crammed with monsters. You play OoT and WW and you have 1 monster per room if you’re lucky and you get to look forward to spending dozens of hours fishing for triforce pieces in a very slow boat. Fucking GG.

What do I want from TP? Action. Lots of hot, steamy, incessant action. But I also want my Zelda to be an intellectual, I want to be able to think when I interact with my Zelda because I’m not too fond of airheads and they get tiresome after a while. I hope Nintendo will provide for a satisfying experience. The problem in these kinds of situations is the one described at the start of this post: the good experience at the start makes one long for them once more. If I had grown up on OoT and WW, I wouldn’t like Zelda. At all.


I loved OoT. And yes, I had played LttP before that.

That’s about it. Next.

I find your metaphor very amusing, Sin.

I’d weigh in, too, but I haven’t gotten to play the latest Zelda games yet.

just slap the bitch a little she’ll come round

No, no, no. Absolutely not, that’s an absolutely horrid idea and I can’t believe you’d say such a thing! You are supposedly a high-class English gentleman, young man!

… after all, since Zelda is the princess, she’s either personally signing, or knows the guy who’s signing Link’s paychecks. Tsk, tsshot

As Weiila said, Zelda doesn’t respond well to those kinds of commands.

That’s why I broke up with Zelda a long, long, long time ago and never looked back. Good luck with TP - I’m not really holding my breath.

It’s not like Link is lacking on chicks to mooch off from though, Zelda just happens to be the one with the most cash. Then again, considering that he’s ALWAYS living in some tree/forest house/deserted island, he probably doesn’t get paid very well. So why does he keep on rescuing the annoying cunt, especially when she’s already shown herself capable of fighting for herself (Sheik)?

The obvious answer must be that she’s really hot in the sack. So yeah, he needs to be nice.

Fuck all the zelda offshoots and the goddamn boat from WW, but otherwise I greatly enjoy the series. And it’s really looking up now, the same guys that made Link’s Awakening are making the DS Zelda, and TP just looks excellent. Though if you didn’t like OoT, I can see how it doesn’t really get your genitalia going.

I muchly enjoyed Ocarina and whatnot, and I’m glad I only paid ten bucks for my copy of windwaker, let me tell you, but LttP shall always be my favorate. I agree with Sin, LttP is what Zelda is all about.

I already said my piece on the subject via MSN, so I’ll just share what brought this up.

A Wii Link Adventure

I didn’t care too much for Wind Waker (largely because of the boat thing), but the secrets it had made it enjoyable. I just loved OoT though. The setting was just awesome and it made it fun (although I still hate the water temple to this day). I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it. I’ve always thought of the Zelda games as more about exploration and less about action. Majora’s Mask changed this a bit in that it was more action and less exploration, but that is what has alwyas drawn me to the games. I guess it really all comes down to taste. Everybody has their own thing.

Didn’t get my paws on Wind Waker, but I loved OoT and every single other Zelda game. Well, Majora’s Mask was a bit of a downer, but still pretty interesting. I actually just finished playing Zelda II again (savestates are my friend) and even it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought.

Rhaka, you made my day (re:LA). I haven’t played WW (Wii may change this) but really enjoyed OOT. Even though it could do with with more enemies, especially considering its delicious action system. ALTTP is awesome of course AND WHY IS LINK’S HAIR IN THE EMULATED VERSION PINK AAARGH?!? In general Zelda=good. You always dig your old gfs (depending on the gf of course).

I’m surprised nobody has brought up the Oracle games yet, but getting back on track. “Oh why?” Why did you leave me after only four dungeons? Why did you make things so easy for me? I want to love you hard. I want to our love to last. But why? Why must parting be such sweet sorrow?:bowser:

Originally Posted by Rigmarole

That’s how it was on the SuperNES. Appearently you couldn’t have your characters look only brown, green, red, white, and that color used for skin.

Why not use orange then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, I didn’t mind OoT very much; can’t actually decide whether I like it or LttP better. They’re just too … different, I guess.

It stroke me as weird when I emulated it for the first time but the net also seems to support the original hair colour being pink. I’m not really considering plugging my SNES (eech, just bathed) so I’ll take your word for it. I’m kinda pissed off now though.

Elaborate on different.

Oh shit, Zelda and I are dating now Sin. We thought you knew.

Yeah, I hated OoT, and Wind Waker was only mildly entertaining, but The Minish Cap was the shit. God that game was fun as hell.

The darkness comes.