Yu-Gi-Oh drawing for a cousin


Heeey peoples. I have up in that there link a drawing I’d like some opinions on. Drew it a while back and scanned it. You’ll have to copy and paste the link into a browser to view it though.

I’d have to say that’s pretty darned good! Since I have no idea what Yugi beer is, I can’t honestly tell you if it resembles the possible original at all…

(I dismissed it immediately when I heard the word ‘Card’ in it…:fungah: )

Well, the hair is nice, but the expression is a bit weird… Other than that, it’s good.

Wow! That is good!

Considering the expression is straight from the picture I was looking at to draw that your complaint is pointless Manus. Oh and thanks for the compliments Maba and Chris.

yahoo/geocities says its unavailable =((

Well did you COPY AND PASTE it into your browser? If not do so to see it.

Ah there we go, nice ^ _ ^ you still working on it? Cause theres only shading and detail on one shoulder so. Is that right eye supposed to be bigger then the left? Love yugioh :kissy:

Yes, the right eye is supposed to be bigger he has one eye brow up and the other down so one eye is closed more and the reason one shoulder seems more detailed is because only one shoulder is showing. The other side all you see is his shirt color.