Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim

So I’m about half way through, now. I’ve got all 3 swords, and I skipped into a dungeon early to get some heavier armor. So far, I’m impressed. They finally did away with the “walk into an enemy to fight things” technique in favor for a more “Soul Blazer” style battle system. Kind of a breath of fresh air in the ocean of FFVII-X clones.

Here’s my brief description of the game, as I told to a friend: “To a hardcore-oldskool-RPG player, it’s as if Taito and Namco got together to make a game out of your elusive but well received crossover Lufia-Xenosaga fanfic.”

I played the jap PC version of the game, and liked it. Might get the PS2 version.

There’s a “cheat code” on the US PS2 version to replace all of the CG animations with the original anime cutscenes, and to replace all of the english voiceovers with the original japanese.

I was waiting for the re-release of Ys: Book 1 and 2 on the PS2 version but Naphistim came out instead. Anyway, I love this game, playing it brought back a lot of memories of the old Ys games.

My copy is collecting dust…my ps2 is not working. I hope Book 1 and 2 come over.

No chance, as no one picked up the US rights from Digicube. Apparantly Konami was trying, last I heard. Taito just released Ys III for PS2 in Japan, but there’s no signs of a US release. Hopefully ASCII or Atlus or Mastiff will pick it up for a US release. You can always import the PC version of Ys I & II Eternal and get a translation patch, though. You know, or dust of the Duo. :smiley:

I’d love to see some company get real smart and release an Ys box set in America, of all 6 games. Even if it were on Xbox or PC. It’d rock just to sit down and play them all in english, back to back.

[edit] Just looked at Gamefaqs, apparantly Taito is planning on releasing PS2 versions of Ys IV and V by the end of this year… That means that I could easily have all 6 Ys games on one console… O_O

Aren’t there really SEVEN Ys games, since there are really two different Ys IVs?

I dunno, I never played the Turbo version, thanks to it only being in Japanese… ;_;

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys =/= Ys IV: Mask of the Sun.

I think the Mask of the Sun is considered the “official” one, though, as far as storyline goes.

[QUOTE=<A HREF=“http://www.classicgaming.com/reviews/ys/ys2.htm”>Some random site</A>]The story of Ys 4 is a little bit confusing. Two versions came out - Dawn of Ys for the PC Engine Super CD, and Mask of the Sun for the Super Famicom. Both are entirely different games from two entirely different development teams (Hudson for the PC Engine, Tonkin House for the SFC.) While they share some characters, locations and even much of the musical score, most everything else about them is quite different.

At one point, a third version was meant to be released for the Mega Drive, a collaboration between Falcom and Sega. Alas, this was cancelled at some early point in development. While it carried the subtitle “Mask of the Sun”, no one knows whether it was simply going to be a port of the Super Famicom game or a whole new version.[/QUOTE]

I see… Well, damn their eyes. I guess I gotta import the Turbo version, rip the ISO to my computer, apply a translation patch, burn it back to a CD, and play it on my TGCD. Crap crap crap crap crap. I guess we should stop pointing the TG version of Ys IV to the SNES shrine, then, too.


Argh! So no one can really decide which one is the proper sequel. From what I’ve learned (you know, in the hour or so I’ve been researching this), the SNES Ys IV is basically a sequel to the anime that takes place before Ys III and coincides with most versions of Ys I, but the Duo Ys IV is more of a sequel to Ys III and fits best with the PCECD Ys games. Graaaahh!

The way we have Ys IV set up in the database is that they’re considered “related games”, but they’re both available to shrine seperately. That’s why we have a finished shrine for the SNES version but not for the TGCD version.

That’s cause I changed that today. :smiley:

I heard Mask of the Sun was the official Ys IV. I fixed my PS2 today, so now I can dust off my PS2 games. What is the code to play Ys VI with all it’s original material?

[quote=<A HREF=“http://www.gamefaqs.com/”>GameFAQs</A>]R-1,B-1,Y-1,R-1,B-1,Y-1 Cheat mode on (Do this one first)
Y-2,R-4,B-1 PC Mode with Japanese voices and anime cut scenes

When you start the game, click “NEW GAME” and then “CHEAT.” Hit the jewels in the order listed above, and then do a downward thrust into the middle of the arena.

Thanks. This should be really cool.