Ys 7 PSP control problems

Is anyone else playing this? I just started and I’m on the first boss and I have this weird problem. I’m attacking then a blue bubble appears over my character, then he glows and I can’t do anything. Then it dissapears and reappears. What is this bubble? What triggers it and how can I get rid of it?

Edit: I think its a problem with my X button finally. Its either sticking and or not responding. Ideas how to fix it?

What sort of psp do you have?

PSP 2000.

Do you attack stuff by running into it like the first YS games?

edit: http://www.eternaldarknessls.com/ys/

No, it’s hack and slash like the other 3d Ys games. I never had the problem Sin’s describing, so it’s probably just his psp. My square button sticks, but it usually works after I hit it a couple times. Makes monster hunting a little more fun in the dorf fort sense of the word.