Youtube Vids


My tarantula catching 2 out of 3 crickets.

Cricket #3 gets caught

Happy Dance

Last, but not least, my dog doing tricks. In French.

Let’s see how these come around.

Wow ! Pretty much a week gone by and no comments whatsoever. I can understand that some of you bear an irrational fear or spiders, but to those that have shown mild interest in the past threads, I have to say that I am a bit disapointed. Guess that’s the reality check I needed ? RPG gamers not too enthralled in keeping exotic pets ? Makes me wonder. :confused:

I just haven’t checked the forums in a while. Cool vid of the spider hunting. I’ve never seen one do it before but I imagined more stalking like a lion.

I actually watched these videos many days ago but didn’t log in.

I think it’s pretty damn cool. I like that you care about spiders.

The dog video is pretty sweet too. Nice house.

Site’s kinda dead, bro.