You're all five degrees from Kevin Bacon

… because you go to the same message board I go to (i.e. this one). See, my sister’s friend Emily has a boyfriend whose mother used to go out with Kevin Bacon’s brother.

Which means your mom is six degrees from Kevin Bacon.

I never was a fan of Kevin Bacon.

I’m thrilled.

And your mom is five digrees :wink:

Actually, my mom is four degrees (since she isn’t any further removed from my sister than I am).

Actually, this doesn’t count. >:( Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon relies totally on film and TV and whatnot. >:(

Besides, I’m four degrees under your bad definition >:(. I’m friends with a guy who was in a movie with Lee Corso. Lee Corso was in The Waterboy with Clint Howard. Clint Howard was in My Dog Skip with Kevin Bacon.


That would require thought and I was leaving home. Not that I would pause to think about it. Yar!