your thoughts on dissidia?

Is it worth buying? I"m especially concerned about the story aspect of it…

If you like FF porn go nuts.

The story is awful but it’s a fun game to play. Apparently the sequel is going to include the entirety of the first game (somehow), so you may want to wait another few months until it comes out. I have a full review here.

I would hold off until Duodecim since it has a much larger cast and game modes than the original. Especially since both Laguna and this guy are confirmed as playable characters.

It was nostalgic and gave me chills a couple times during the first hour while playing, using Terra. After that it was downhill quick, and my final thoughts are it’s one of the worst and most boring fighting games I’ve ever played, despite having a legendary FF cast.

Yeah, I’m pretty much a diehard fan so even overly-melodramatic quotes(as shown in Cidolfas’ review) would get to me.