Your thoughts on Agarest War and Arc Rise Fantasia?

The former sounds like it should at the very least be a PS2 game, but looks like it would find a better home on the PSP or DS, or even a downloadable game. Not something that you would drop 60 bucks on (though the SE is 60 which justifiies it somewhat). The latter seems to be a fiercely traditional (read: cliche as fuck) RPG by the team behind Luminous Arc.

I want to get them both because these kinds of old school RPGs are rare, even more so in the case of the Wii.

Your thoughts?

Agarest War:

Arc Rise Fantasia:

These sound perfect for you.

That said, the former isn’t as scantily clad as the previews would have you believe but is still misogynistic as all hell, and the latter is like a poor man’s Tales of game without the usual Namdaipesto bullshit that would usually entail (though why the hell would you be paying money for a cheap knockoff of a series that’s prided itself on honing itself down to a fine veneer to begin with is beyond me).

How are they perfect for me…?

Think I already talked about Agarest War in another thread. Interesting little game…

Arc Rise Fantasia on the other hand…I kinda had high hopes for it. But then I found out that Ignition is localizing the game (the same people who did the godawful job for Chaos Wars). And with one of the recent trailers revealed, apparently the English VA is bad (and so is the script). -_-