Young Boy least favorite SaGa character ever. Romancing SaGa 3 SPOILERS!

Sure some characters have lower LP than him. Lower stats than him. Some even don’t stay the whole game like he does. But in my experience with most SaGa besides RS2 and a lot of RS1 (Only one quest completed), he has to be my least favorite. Especially in terms of gameplay.

  1. He joins either at the last ***** dungeon in most quests to completely ruin your sixth member you built up. Or you end up building him as your sixth member after the fourth Abyss Gate. Thanks to losing Sarah as a member or only having five members at the time.

  2. And of course he amazingly has to leave your party just before the main boss battle. So you can’t take on the full advantage of commander mode. And if you prefer using normal mode, you may as well make him the sixth member back burner.

  3. In Sarah’s quest he joins early only to LEAVE as soon as you reach Abyss Gate number 4! You may as well just level a different sixth member and forget about using him at all.

Story wise I don’t hate him. It’s just that gameplay wise, I don’t like a character joins early to leave early. Or in most cases joins at the last minute to leave shortly.

Like I said others have flaws too. But at least I can build up last minute Yang Fan and use him for the final dungeons and remaining side quests.

I can build up the weak starting Tatyana and know she won’t run away from my party. I can build up Undine’s WP and build up her as an Earth mage and know it is not a waste of time.


I know! The thing is, I’d like to use Shonen, but the game is set up so that it really isn’t worthwhile to do so. Arrgh… so aggravating!