You up for a game?

Ever play Heaven & Earth? Particularly the card/solitare game?

Well if you haven’t, you can play anyway.

Anyways, the idea is to garner the highest score for each of four hands dealt, and the highest score overall. The game rules are here. READ THEM FIRST. Then READ THEM AGAIN. I’m not shitting you people, you have to read them. They’ll help lots. Keep a copy open if you have to.

In fact, look over this link too. And then look over it again. This is the key to the Seasons, Elements, and Landscapes. This is very important to your game.

Once you’ve read the rules, keep in mind these things:

  1. Only those who have entered and completed the first round are allowed to continue onto subsequent rounds. If you don’t play the first round, don’t bother posting.

  2. Likewise, if you fail to post in the subsequent rounds, you are considered to have dropped out. You’ll have a few days to build your tricks, so you have the time.

  3. You don’t have to announce that you’re joining. Just study the cards, and post your tricks. That’s all you need to do.

  4. All cards must be accounted for. Period. If you don’t have twelve cards listed as used or unused, I won’t score the round. And I will tell you so.

  5. As mentioned in the rules: Don’t score your tricks, I’ll do that for you. And list your tricks in spoiler tags. For example:

1: 1A 3D 4D
2: 5C 2A
3: 9D 10A 11C 12B
Unused: 7D 8A 6C

  1. Please, no kibitzing. Make your comments in between rounds.

  2. If you haven’t checked the rules and the card key, it’s your own damn fault. Don’t bitch to me when your cards don’t score as high as you thought they would.

All that said, are you ready?

The first round will have four card sets. Choose one card from each set and start building. I will be playing as well.

Here are the twelve sets!
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

You have until 6 AM EST on Wednesday (12-01-04) to finish your tricks! Good luck!

This sounds really cool, but there’s one part of the rules that I can’t quite understand.

I have a bit of problem understanding how you build your hand.
I think I’ve got it, but I just thought I’d ask anyway.

This is what I’m thinking…
The first hand is made of all cards (and as it says in the rules you take one card from each set blah blah blah…).
And then those cards are removed after the points are scored. That’s why the hand size shrinks all the time.

And then you just take 12 new cards and so on…

To me that seems to make sense, but I’m just asking anyway…

Also, what happens if you, for some reason, have a positive and a negative multiplier at the same time.
Do you do like with the other multipliers (the example says x2 + x2 = x4, does that mean that x2 + x-2 = x0, or do they just cancel each other out and you get x1?)

Unfortunately I don’t think I can participate (school :/), but it’s a cool game. :smiley: