You saw it coming

It’s now official: Iraq did not have WMDs. I hope this takes the wind out of Bush’s sails. Especially because this was his primary argument for invading Iraq. It should also wipe the content smirk off the Republicans’ faces.


Why couldn’t they put this news article out towards the endof the month, just before the election so it’s fresh in people’s minds.

So now it’s “official”? Well, whoop-de-freakin’-do. :fungah:

Apparently we’re just low level grunts who know nothing until it’s official.

I only trust this CNN!

KP win.

I either see this as another claim that the Bushies are going to ignore at all costs…or it could very well be the real deal. Either way, I’m really not surprised. I also won’t be surprised when Bush supporters of Boston U, including my best friend, will make some defense against the inspectors with the usual “He’s hiding the shit in the desert!” theme.

This is roughly as surprising as the “revelation” that Britney Spears wasn’t a virgin.

ya know what would rock…is if they just fricken buried it like…under a tree…and then like 50 years from now some lil kids digging there and undcovers it and accidently blows up iraq…

For some reason I think the American public cares more about that than WMDs

Well yeah…welcome to the substream of American pop culture…where how celebrities dress and what they eat is more important than our soldiers in other lands. Pathetic…which is why I always had the proposition to carpetbomb Hollywood…so that America can then deal and watch more relevant things.

HA! That’s pretty good.

One of my dad’s old neighbors buried a bunch of C4 under a tree that his army buddy “liberated” to blow up a huge boulder. He specificly put in the deed of the house that the tree must not be tampered with or dug around. Now that would be a rude awakening.



Most Bush supporters I know (at least the ones that keep half-way up to date on politics and are planning to vote) are well aware now that there were no WMDs. But that doesn’t mean that they all instantly started hating Bush, as there’s much more to the Iraqi War and Bush’s platform than just that.

The reason most Bush supporters have such a problem with Kerry supporters (and vice versa) is comments like this, where everybody who supports the “opposing” candidate is basically called a stupid ignoramus. Some are (on both sides), but it’s unfair and insulting to generalize like that. I hear it so often from the Kerry camp that I’m almost tempted to vote for Bush out of spite, although I hope I have enough restraint to make an intelligent vote (by intelligent, I don’t necessarily mean voting for Kerry, but rather that I will vote on who I think will be the better leader based on their platforms), but it’s getting increasingly difficult.

When will people realize their are intelligent people on BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum?

I’m sorry…I just had to do something with that photo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not on my watch. Although the only access to american politics I have is through the media, and the media’s just whoring itself out for Iraq.