You liked pushing peoples down the stairs?

Now prepare to make 'em have truck accidents.

Sweet :slight_smile:

I vaulted the little bastard over the wall before. Too bad the camera can’t scroll across to see him splat…

And can anyone get the damn truck to turn over on it’s side? I flipped it on it’s back plenty of times, but I can’t “side” it.

There’s a camera that focuses on the guy, I made him hit the top of the wall and bounce over. Also there are way’s to put it on its side, most involve the ramps and Im not sure where I put them.


I sure do suck at this, just like I sucked at throwing him down the stairs. I got the truck onto it’s side, though.

W00T, I just made the guy land on one of the ramp’s corners and he hit pretty much on his spine. Inflicting imaginary pain on computer people is fun.

Highest score: 55852

Siding it’s easy. Place a ramp so that it’s as close to the truck as it can go, far to the right or left so only one side runs over it, and make it go full speed.

The windshield trick’s really cool. No ramps, full speed, position 4, windshield on.

Damn! i suck at this! How the hell did you get such a high score Hayes?

I can’t get past 58237 :\


The weird thing is, I got that high score once, and I haven’t been able to touch it since. I got 50,000 or so a bit ago, but thats the highest its been since I got my highest score.

67000 something. Hell yes. I had a ramp on its left side, and the little guy continued to smash around inside the truck for a while (with the windsheild on), ammassing about 50000 points. Then, when the truck flips out onto its corner, the guy fell out the side. And then guess what? The truck just falls right on him for about 10000 points (note there were some points gotten from falling out of the truck and other unnoted smashes).

I just got the stair pushing game also. Very fun. Top score is about 59000.

Are you sure you’re not putting too many zeros in there? 590,000 is pretty fucking high for the stair game, as is 670,000 for the truck game.

Um, Sorc, are you sure you aren’t just READING too many zeros? Maybe it will help if I put in commas. Truck: 67,000. Stair: 59,000.

100818 on truck game.


Hail to da king babay! I’m seriously aiming for the highest scores slots.

EDIT: 143,992.

Should I d/l this game? And if so, how long would it take at like… 5 kbs a second. ;__;

I couldn’t comprehend the physics and whatnot on the stairs.

And yay! I sided the truck right on the little bastard!

Oh man, this is better than Porrasturvat! Thanks! And for the record, I had the truck run over his head.