You Laugh, You Lose.

post the funniest shit you can find. if you laugh at something, you lose the game.


This place is now officially 4chan lite.

Dammit. No. This isn’t fucking /b/. Do not. Next thing I know I’ll see a bunch of cp and a rage thread >_<

Or that Candlejack meme. I mean, no one wa

I kid. This is not 4chan.

But you’ve already said his name.

May I suggest locking in the interest of integrity?

Edit: Also, the game.

Also, dude, we’re on a boat.

Seconded. For fuck’s sake.

I didn’t realize it was animated at first because all my browser loaded was the first frame, and I was thinking, what’s so funny about that…now that the whole thing has loaded…the still frame was much funnier.

I declare this a humanitarian act.