You know that really cool song in FF7:AC?

It’s the FF7 battle theme, except it’s rearranged and put in FF7:AC. It’s the theme that plays when Tifa fights that guy in that church with the little girl and the materia. It’s called “Tatakau Mono Tachi”. If anyone has the sheet music and would send it to me, they’ll have my undying gratitude.

Its Fighting from the FF7 Piano Collection. I can’t connect to my DC++ for reasons unknown to me and there are some music communities that have these things. I tried googling it for half an hour, to no avail. Its out there for sure, its just a matter of being persistent.

I tried googling for an hour :frowning: DG if you see this thread tell me if you have the FF7:AC Piano Collections or not >.>

Is this what you want?

That’s the simplified version for the original game, but thanks anyway! I got the AC goods from Sin :smiley: