You have the Right to BRAG

This thread is to brag about your most amazing FF moment…(We all know whats possible so no one can say they beat Yiazamat in three seconds)

I’ll start it off with something that happened to me on accident.

I gained levels in the dinosuar forrest in FF6 until I deciced it was time to beat the game. (This was before I used strategys and was the first time I beat the game too.)

I set up my teams with my best players leading each party… but I didn’t lvl Strago
or Realm so I just had Mog with a moogle charm on a Team (yes by himself) I figured I could have him walk past everything free and clear (much to my dismay)
The path Mog took was to fight the last Dragon…He solo-ed him and whooped his ass on his lonesome…(well he used alot of elixers)

I’m not sure even to this day why I didn’t plan on fighting any bosses with that team but it happened and it was a feather in my cap.

Leaping Boots, 12/25/03
Assassin Armlets, 10/31/06

I’m not sure if this earns bragging rights, but it was my most amazing “FF moment”.

As kids, my friend and I were playing Final Fantasy on the old NES. We must have been 8 or 9. We had finally gotten to Chaos for the first time, and we didn’t use Game Genie or anything like that. Everyone in the party was dead, except for the White Wizard, who was in “critical” status and wounded, and equipped with the Masamune. There was only one move left, and my friend had the White Wizard attack Chaos. And of course it was the final blow that finished him off.

I fought Ozma of FFIX when my party was at level 40ish and got my ass handed to me. I spent the next few hours committin genocide on the Grand Dragon race and got the level 99 and whooped his ass. It’s nothing to really brag about but was oh so satisfying.

I also played through FFIV on my old SNES so many times abusing the Paladin Shield Game Genie code but never actually finished it until I bout FF:Anthology (V and VI) for PSX and didn’t need any cheat codes. This was a big moment for because FFVI was the RPG that brought me into the RPG world…and I thought I would never play it because I couldn’t remember Sabin’s blitzes. Stupid me.

sort of a mixture of bragging and best FF moment but…
after being beaten down in ff12 again and again i changed my stratagy and managed to beat the hell wyrm, ultima, zodiark and omega XII in one day at lv.65 (id already beaten yiazmat a month before at lv 55-60.)

also in ff10 beating all arena bosses (except nemesis) in a single playthrough without using anima or magus sisters

I sunk 168 hours into FFX doing everything. I want those 7 days of my life back.

I hate threads like this. It reminds me that I’m not as hardcore a final fantasy geek as most here.

Well, my biggest feats were beating the emerald weapon, mastering KOTR twice, and having 3 gold chocobos, as well as Taking Yuna just about all the way through the sphere grid. shrug