You have been asked to fight for SeeD!

What do you do?

Choose the Gunblade as my primary weapon

Tell Cid to fuck off :smiley:

Use the Devour command and eat the staff.

Become proficient in the martial arts and take names.

Make childish White Seed jokes.

Go to my console and put in disc 2.

Cid can fuck off.

Get hit on by my male students like Quistis. I have a whip.

Get hit on by your male students like Quistis.

Everybody! Love! And peace!

No I haven’t

Choose martial arts like Zell, but I’ll actually bother to get special moves, supers, and all that jazz.

In addition, I’ll get hit on by male students as well. And Cid can fuck off with his lantern.

Tell Cid to fuck off.

fall in love :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang around TD and annoy him until his head explodes. Then I will use his body to summon the greatest evil force the world has ever known.

make selphie my girlfriend and play a lot of …damn what’s the name of that cardgame again?!

strip poker, bub?

None of the above. I would fight AGAINST SeeD. I never liked the idea of raising CHILDREN to be mercenaries.

Get it on by my students. <i>i have a fucking whip</i>. Is it possible to be more of a schoolboy fantasy?