'You gotta be kidding me! Level 4000!?'

Did I mention I love Laharl? I am so using the disc as a frisbee once I finish this thing. I swear, this is one game I never want to see again. Which is going to be hard considering Disgaea 2 is coming up…

I don’t know why on earth I’m asking when I already know the only answer is “Level more” but here it goes: What the hell am I supposed to do against Baal?

Laharl has been able to beat the previous bosses when evenly leveled (That is, beating Priere at Lvl2000 and Majorly at Lvl2500) but just by looking at the numbers I can tell that there’s no way he’ll be able to take on Baal at Lvl4000. He’s Lvl3150 right now and only has slightly less than 200K HP, whereas Baal hits for 300K most of the time. I’m still going to be easy prey with equal levels.

Dealing damage isn’t the problem. I can land about 150-200K with one Nightsever (I finally got the stupid Yoshitsuna too), but where can I get the extra HP needed to survive more than two hits? Even if I have all the other 9 characters heal him by turns, they are all going to die before I can land the 15-ish hits needed to take him down.

I can’t actually believe I just said “only slightly less than 200K HP”. Nipon Ichi is more retarded every time I look at it.

Honestly, as much as I love Disgaea, I never bothered with the ubertwinking needed to take on the majority of the sidequests. You’re a braver man than I.

Twinking would imply a small degree of thought put into the process. This is more like the gaming equivalent of apes bashing each other’s heads. I’m desperately hoping for any other answer than “CoO3 Winged Slayer Ad Nauseam”

Move all your Dieticians (and any other stat increasing specialists) to Laharl’s weapon. For each level of weapon proficiency a character has, the stat increases from their equipped weapon increases by about 5%.

Use the Surt-duping trick.
Just throw all the surts in a level together until you get a really high leveled one that you can capture (make sure you can still capture it) and work your way up to a level 9999 one and just keep getting them at level 9999.

I didn’t know that, I’ll do that immediately.

That’s my absolutely last resort. In my stubbornness, seeing as I have spent 150 hours training my characters, I’d like to finish the game using them if only to get the feeling that all that work it was worth something.

You could have one person lift him at the end of your turn. If your other characters are competent they should be able to do the extra damage you need.

My Laharl was only level 1600, but I transmigrated five times at 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600 when I beat Baal. The trick is to get the max number or residents that boost ATK into Laharl’s weapon. Then bring out Laharl and as many other mages with Braveheart as possible. Get five Bravehearts on Laharl and Nightsever away. Then have one of your characters lift Baal so he can’t go. You’ll lose that character next turn, but you’ll kill him before you run out of characters using this trick.

As mentioned, get the max number of Staticians too, it’ll cut levelling time down drastically.

Alright, done.

I trained Laharl up to Lvl5000, stole Baal’s equipment and used the lifting trick to stop him from attacking. I had to sacrifice all my other 9 characters but he finally went down on the 10th hit. I’m NOT doing Uber Prinny anytime soon.

*Throws disc out the window *

Dont’ worry SE I never bothered to beat Prinny Baal either. I used the same trick but I barely took off half his life and want’ going to level up anymore.