You bitch

I hated it the last time you guys did this too.

Waits for lock…bastards.

(Yeah really, we should stop doing that.)

Those are funny

I wish I had an apartment to redecorate. :frowning:

PS, Sin is a long-haired hippie. Who fucks.

I don’t see why you’re pissed, Info. It’s so exciting to know more about the mods’ personal lives. Especially when it includes decoration. You know you’d do the same anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not that that bugs me; it’s them posting in threads in front of us that only they can post in. I probaly shouldn’t say this, but at least they aren’t replying to each other in the closed thread and are just editting it a bunch though.

Waits for the mods to quit editting the post and creating new replies :hyperven:

See, we could close this thread, post replies in it continuously and that would keep the thread afloat. Because you decided to link to that thread which edits can’t keep afloat, then this thread would be unite 2 threads we’re fucking around with. Haha!

See, if I was staff, I’d edit in a comment on that post that said “free post!”

Hence why you’re not staff.

omg elitists



hey cool I should go comment in that…