Yo how many people still play Frozen Throne?

I wanna make an RPGC clan :smiley:

(Ackbar & Gamer play)

I’d play if I had a bnet valid cd key.

HAHA, good luck, I tried for awhile to make one but no one ever wanted to do it.

I’ll play once I buy Frozen Throne.

Sonic, Kalius, and I still play but we made a Zephyros clan on USWest, if that’s the realm you were thinking

If people still play a lot, you should play NotD with us. It’s an awesome game. We just started up again recently. Green Mage probably remembers the game.

You should have done this two years ago.

I play TDs and DOTA Classic (not that rubbish All-stars they have on FT). I never liked the normal game in warcraft III as much as starcraft so I never played it. Whenever I did it would just make me want to play starcraft again. The custom games in WC3 are really fun though.

Man, I can’t believe people still play WC3.

I can in stall it again.

you’ll probably be even more surprised if you log onto a starcraft server.

I still play Starcraft from time to time, but I completely gave up on WC3.

I play regularly. My main games these days are Tides of Blood of Skibi’s Castle TD, but I’ll try anything.

If you’re going to try getting a clan together, I’m in.

I play pretty regularly. I’d be happy to join any clan that you plan on making.

No Bnet-workable CD key D:

I don’t have FT… I should get it. hah!

I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Starcraft is a good game, while Warcraft 3 is a bad game. As a result, the longevity of a good game is expected, while the longevity of a bad game is not.

So my surprise is not that an old game still flourishes, as Starcraft, Diablo II, Mario, Mortal Kombat and others do, but that a horrible game, such as Warcraft 3, still thrives.

Stop playing me.

Why is Wc3 a bad game? 36 hippo riders can still kill 10 mountain giants.

Edit: And what makes D2 a good game, in your opinion?

I didn’t like WC3 because it was too much micromanaging of too few units. It took too long to rebuild a decent fighting force and it was fundamentally unbalanced, although I haven’t played WC3 FT a whole lot. I also didn’t like the concept of everyone having heroes. Everything was too expensive to build and it gave the game a slower pace imo. I liked SC a lot more because of the greater size of the battles, I felt the game was more dynamic and more fair in the end. There was no “WTFPWN” hero effect and while micromanaging was good, it wasn’t the determinant of a battle.

I thought it had a lot of potential that went down the tubes.

D2’s a mindless hack and slash lottery. Kinda like playing WoW solo/with 1-2 friends but at a faster pace. You walk around annihilating everything. Its mindless and easy up to hell difficulty, which then takes a little bit more endurance or friendly help if not both. It was entertaining without being too tedious.

I stated in my above post that I hate WC3 normal game and the gameplay is really bad compared to starcraft.

The thing that WC3 has that Starcraft does not have though is a great modding tool with a lot of possibilities. I have only played a normal WC3 game literally about 10-15 times, but I have played probably over 1,000 custom games.

If you think WC3 is just ladder games on bnet-approved maps you need to open your eyes a bit.

Starcraft I play for rts, WC3 I play for variety.