YnT update

I didn’t know whether to put this, if in the Translation news and releases or in a new thread… well, you know what I decided heh.

At last YnT was updated, with several news on the front.

First, and most noticeable thing, is that the news layout suffered a change, it was prepared since a lot of time ago, but we were waiting for a thing that seems not to be prepared yet… hope you’ll like it, it isn’t the best, but IMHO it’s better than the previous design (I still want a new logo version tho, heh). Also, with the news layout changes the old news have been deleted again ^^U.

Secondly, as it was announced by DarkForce on the ZSNES board the Far East of Eden Zero translation project is now continued by YnT, although it still needs its own section ^^U.

The last thing is some status report for several projects: AN, Traverse and Bakumatsu Korinden Oni. You can read everything on their diaries.

You can see everything on the site:


Any feedback and comment is always appreciated ;).

Holy Sh*t! I forgot to post here about that :hyperven:
thanks hector :wave: