yet another Tales of Symphonia trailor...

Personally, I can’t get over how awesome this game looks.

Right-click and save as… that link leads directly to the movie file.

And it may be really slow, it tookme a lot longer then normal to download that 18megs.

Speaking of Tales of Symphonia, look here for a very imformative overveiw… it’s a post at another forum, but I learned more from it then all the preveiws, movies, and articles combined:

Also, for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s an older trailor, which is even better if you ask me:

Not me. Maybe the server was just acting up when you dl’d it.

What is this game anyway? I don’t think I’ve heard of it before.

<img src=“”> The latest installment in the “Tales of” series. You know, Tales of Phantasia etc. And as I’ve said before, I definately will get this. Although I didn’t really like the art style of Ghost in the Shell :confused:

Ooooh. Nice. The trailer is nearly finished, so I’ll check it out when it does. Sounds goood though.

I don’t exactly get the GitS reference though.

Key scenes will be done using anime scenes done by Production IG, the animation studio responsible for Ghost in the Shell and Blood: The Last Vampire.

:thud:, :thud:, a thousand times :thud:.

Watches trailer

Now that looks pretty cool. It reminds of Suikoden 3, with the anime cut-scenes and stuf, but the graphics remind me more of Dark Chronicle than anything else. And a PS2 game? Hmmm. Could be good, if they ever release it over here.

<img src=“”> Gamecube.

Goody. Either is fine.